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Zion Garcia tackles the conflict of self-acceptance on ‘We Need Love’

Pulling up with the ultimate reflective summer anthem, Zion Garcia, phenomenal vocalist and flawless producer, explores his experiences with the concept of love and human dependence on ‘We Need Love’. The Western Sydney-based artist never fails to create an engaging tune for all listeners, and on this track he interweaves celestial vocals with a jazz rap-infused instrumental bound to alleviate the stress of the past, and encourage you to embrace the future.

Zion’s lyricism explores how humans are conditioned to need love in order to exist. The multi-faceted artist draws us in on his journey of heartbreak and the need for connection. The first verse breaks us in by exploring his angsty teenage years and the abundance of blissful adolescent confidence that we all experience during that period. After splitting up with his special someone, he begins to question his purpose and his invincible teenage confidence slowly dissipates.

“17, with pristine self indulgence. Now my soul's losing steam. Sleep at night with the vultures.”

In ‘We Need Love’, Zion admits to his mistakes and delves into the hardest heartbreak of all; realising that he now has to live with the shame of treating someone “so cold and so dirty”. However, the tune encourages people to make mistakes and to learn from them in order to grow. And with this track, Zion has created a safe space for both himself and his listeners to learn vicariously through him, thereby creating an authentic connection with his audience through his music.

Releasing music since 2018, the incredibly versatile Zion Garcia has mastered his own unique avenue within the Australian hip-hop scene. Zion is undeniably a production magician and he has definitely worked his magic on ‘We Need Love’. The track’s production is profoundly deep, layering heavenly vocals over his refrained bars. The tune is also accompanied by hints of a bouncy bass and saxophone instrumental that are guaranteed to leave you with your head bopping and a new song added to your playlist.

Although life can be crazy and unkind at times, ‘We Need Love’ makes me feel empowered by my mistakes and misfortunes, and encourages me to perceive them as lessons, rather than embarrassing red-cheek moments. Life can’t get much better than listening to ’We Need Love’ while on that summer road trip with your closest homies.

Photos by @jacquisharah

Words by Violet Murphy

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