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Youngn Lipz experiments with EDM on latest track ‘GO!’

Western Sydney’s Youngn Lipz has blessed us with his first single for the new year entitled ‘GO!’. The fresh track is high energy and elevating, with the EDM beat by Open Til L8 allowing for Lipz to deliver a new flavour of music we haven’t heard from him before. Lipz’s journey began in 2019, after the release of his debut R&B inspired rap single ‘Misunderstood’. Since then, he has risen to stardom with over 897,000 monthly listeners, and that’s just on Spotify. The new single is bound to receive a shower of love from his listeners, whilst further solidifying his talent as a musician. The electronic dance sound of ‘GO!’ additionally displays his ability to create music across different genres, demonstrating his unique versatility in the hip-hop and R&B scene.

The song begins with electronic notes and modulated vocal samples you can’t resist nodding your head along to. Producer Open Til L8 displays his outstanding technical expertise in the curation of this track, with the strong rhythmic beat arriving as Youngn Lipz begins to sing, “Baby you got what I need, and what I want.” The beat continues to escalate, with additional sounds being introduced as the song leads to the climax, teleporting listeners to the scene of a bustling night club, moving with rhythm on the dance floor. ‘GO!’ is undeniably mood lifting with its upbeat energy and its romantic lyrics featuring Lipz dedicating his love to that special someone, “Girl you’re a part of me”/“Take you anywhere you want to go.”

This new track is extra special for the Western Sydney artist as it marks a new step in his career. Youngn Lipz has jumped onto the NFT wave, dropping a collection of 66 personalised NFTs simultaneously with the drop of ‘GO!’. Each NFT within the MetaBaby 66 collection includes benefits like invitations to Youngn Lipz’s listening parties, access to unreleased songs and more. The collection of NFTs sold out within the first hour of the release, desperately purchased by his supporters. The music video for ‘GO!’ will be an animated video of the MetaBaby NFT characters, and was released today.

Mastered by @chunkyluvstudios

Words by Liv Declerck (@livdaangel)

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