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Young Pascal’s newest release focuses on being blinded by a 'fake' lifestyle

Perth-based artist Young Pascal has continued his stretch of impactful releases with his newest single ‘City Lights’. Following the success of his hit singles ‘Ways’ and ‘Wasted Times’, Young Pascal’s newest track continues to illustrate his raw talent through his fusion of conscious rap and melodic vocals. ‘City Lights’ is about being blinded by temporary pleasures, as Pascal references designer clothing, plastic surgery and social media likes and follows that offer a fast-paced city lifestyle. It’s about being so blinded by these inauthentic desires you lose who you truly are as a person. In the chorus, Young Pascal sings: “She lost herself to the city, she lost herself what a pity”, a notion which speaks emphatically to the track’s meaning.

The single features fellow Perth artist Perry P, as well as Auckland-based Kid Rey. The three musicians jump onto the track to portray a story of a disingenuous and ‘fake’ lifestyle lived by the main character of the song. While the lyrics focus on a singular girl, the song is describing a group of young individuals in today’s generation who are often caught up in things that don’t really matter in an attempt to impress the people around them.

The track, which is beautifully produced by Rareluv and Akuyaku, consists of a delicate guitar melody backed by subtle drum instrumentals and a slow 808 beat. The voices and styles of all three artists fit effortlessly with the beat created by the producers resulting in the creation of an engaging and addictive song that will certainly be one for that trap playlist.

After devouring Young Pascal’s pure talent from just one listen of his new single, it is no surprise his popularity is rising in the Australian trap, R&B and rap scene. ‘City Lights’ leaves us excited and eager for what is to come from this budding star.

Words by Liv Declerck

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