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Wombat & Chillinit reunite to dispel the ‘Rumours’ on new collaboration

Australian rap icons Wombat and Chillinit have returned to hit listeners with an audacious and direct new single entitled ‘Rumours’. ‘Rumours’ is the second single to drop ahead of the release of Wombat’s upcoming album ‘WHAT DEATH TASTES LIKE’, and it follows on from the project’s lead single ‘Falling’ released in mid-July. Having released their most recent collaboration ‘Wombat (Interlude)’ as part of Chillinit’s ‘Family Ties’ album, ‘Rumours’ will undeniably take fans new and old back to the era of ‘Women Weed & Wordplay’ that birthed ‘Energy’ and ‘Underrated’, two irrefutably timeless tracks that sit in the pantheon of Australia’s hip-hop history.

On ‘Rumours’ there is nothing holding Wombat back other than himself, as he admits to listeners on the new single. In classically uncompromising fashion, Wombat dissects the internal overthinking and anxieties that rummage through his brain by making reference to the struggle between chasing artistic success and a life of comfort. The Tasmanian rapper relents to his own demons getting the best of him, and even when others attempt to reassure him and suggest being grateful for what he’s achieved he cannot help but feel scarred by the past – “They wonder why I went ghost when I’m surrounded by phantoms and a banshee”. Moreover, his aggressive, no-holds-barred delivery on the chorus – “Couldn’t give a fuck what you might hear, I never left cause I’m right here” – establishes a tone of ruthless ambition from Wombat to dismiss the hate, doubters and liars.

Photo by @adlmindtrix

Following Wombat’s verse and chorus Chillinit arrives on the track with his precise wordplay and flow, balancing his playful and wrathful approaches to his delivery with confidence. Chillinit breaks down the journey that has led him to this point over the past few years – "Nah look lad, got cooked lad, got sharp, got smart, read books lad” – that has provided him with the lessons to step forward proactively as an artist, entrepreneur and person and to ultimately step away from staying in a self-destructive place. Finally, hearing Chill and Wombat go back-and-forth for the final verse is an absolute treat for listeners. If this is a glimpse of what’s to come from ‘WHAT DEATH TASTES LIKE’ it has to be said that Wombat is determined to give fans the truest version of himself musically and personally.

Words by Matthew Badrov

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