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Why BBGB is exactly what the Australian scene needs

For those wondering why they’re seeing BBGB all over their timeline – the reason is significant. BBGB – AKA ‘Black Boys Getting Bread’ – have just officially debuted their single ‘Tough Love’ which sees Australian hip-hop heavyweights Manu Crooks, Kwame, BLESSED, Lil Spacely and B Wise coming together for the first time collectively on a track.

With each member hailing from Western Sydney and South-West Sydney, BBGB has arrived at a time when the scene is in need of some refreshing. A movement, as opposed to a ‘rap group’, BBGB seeks to empower African peoples in their artistic, business and creative pursuits. Furthermore, BBGB brings together artists who have often been unnecessarily compared and pitted against one another by mainstream Australian music media and record label heads.

Despite collaborating throughout their respective musical journeys, BBGB – in its musical form – places togetherness at the forefront whilst allowing each artist to express their own distinct voice and sonic approach. It stands to represent the uniqueness and creative potential of Afro-Aussies and undoubtedly the world’s African diaspora. As their Instagram @bbgbworldwide infers, the ambition is to cultivate a worldwide movement built on collective unity and actively pushing against what others believe is ‘best’ for Africans in Australia and beyond. Moreover, BBGB so far also features the contributions of creative visionaries such as Abdelelah Abaker (@bakefilm), Razak (@visualsbyrazak) and yuth co-founder Travillian (@travillain).

‘Tough Love’ provides each respective artist with the chance to each effortlessly showcase their own unique flows and deliveries over a menacing beat built by Kwame, all while dissecting themes of fake love, the prosperity that comes from refusing to stay humble and the importance of unity. The video for ‘Tough Love’ features young up-and-comer Lee taking centre stage and standing proudly as he’s supported by the artists around him. It speaks wholeheartedly to the intention behind BBGB in elevating Afro-Aussies and the African diaspora around the world to greater heights as a united energy.

To see five immensely talented and powerful forces unite to be the driving force behind something special like this is undoubtedly exciting for the future of hip-hop in Australia. With no set expectations in place besides simply elevating those they know deserve to prosper and thrive, the future holds limitless opportunities for the movement. And by setting aside concerns of outside perceptions in order to simply do what needs to be done, BBGB are already sparking a tangible shift in the Australian scene.

Photos by @jordankmunns (Photo 1), @kase.avila (Photo 2)

Words by Matthew Badrov

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