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Western Sydney’s NASA NOVA gives a raw insight into his world on ‘The Life I Live’

NASA NOVA has built on his stellar 2021 with the release of ‘The Life I Live’. The single provides an insight into the day-to-day of the Western Sydney MC and the struggles and battles he has gone through with those around him, whilst highlighting his cutting bars and killer flow. Loyalty is more than just a word, it is a way of life.

With ‘The Life I Live’, NASA NOVA has provided an authentic reflection of himself and his life up until this point. NASA takes us on a journey on this track and provides raw insights and glimpses into a life dedicated around loyalty and hard work. He raps about his desire to never backdown from a fight, and to never let others get the upper hand on him - a notion which similarly reflects in the song as each bar is relentless and continues to build upon the energy of its predecessor, creating that high octane feel that is maintained continuously throughout the track. NASA NOVA’s clever word play is by far the standout on this track as he paints a vivid image with every bar. This is seen through the bar: “Came to the cell and I gave him hell, oh well not even God can save him”, where he torments and mocks his opposition on the other side of the cell bars by letting them know that he was victorious. Inadvertently, through this NASA brings the audience back to the core of the song by reminding them that this is the life he continues to live and these battles are just a microcosm of what he has experienced.

The drill beat, which was constructed by producer Colcci, brings an unrelenting energy that provides the perfect pace for NASA NOVA to do what he does best and combine crafty lyrics with some hard-hitting punchlines that leave no stone unturned. The beat, coupled alongside a dreary guitar loop, brings that element of danger and mystery as it does its job in adding those extra layers to the song. It also meshes with the hook of the song and adds that catchiness to it where you’re left instantly invested. Furthermore, what elevates the song even further is the moments throughout the track where the production stops, and we hear NASA NOVA spitting his bars, almost in a one take fashion. It provides that welcome switch up in the song whilst also focusing all the attention on his lyrics for those bars as he takes aims at those who don’t have loyalty engrained in them, whilst reaffirming that he will ride with those closest to him till the end.

Executive Producer: Lowkee - @lowkee

Producer: Colcci Irankunda - @ay_colcci

Mixed: Vivek Mistri - @mixedbymixti

Mastered: Jamie Muscat - @chunkyluvstudios

Words by: Joachim Subramaniam

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