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Wesley Black experiments with a fusion of genres in his latest single ‘Better With You’

Perth-based rapper and singer Wesley Black has further expanded his impressive repertoire as an artist with the release of his latest single ‘Better With You’. The track has received a rapturous response from his supporters for the way it breaks away from his usual mosh pit-suited style by fusing together indie and pop to form a crisp and upbeat sound. The drop of ‘Better With You’ comes just a few months after the release of Wesley Black’s energetic rap EP ‘Angel’. The immense success of his debut EP being followed up by such a unique single displays the undeniable talent and versatility of Wesley Black as a musician.

Curated by Perth producer Daunt, ‘Better With You’ is about unconditionally loving someone you believe deserves better than you. The lyrics are sung through the viewpoint of someone who admits to their own debilitating insecurities, with Wesley cleverly illustrating the vulnerability and rawness of being in love as he sings: “You could do so much better than me, but please don’t”.

The song touches on the mental struggles many people often face when they’re in love or in a relationship, namely overthinking and co-dependency. Wesley Black’s lyrical ability allows him to perfectly capture the emotions and heart-wrenching struggles that falling in love can facilitate. Love comes with so much beauty and happiness, but it is a package deal, and ‘Better With You’ represents the hardships of loving another person. Wesley Black speaks on the regret of being unable to convey the confliction of his feelings in a past romantic relationship better by expressing: “I think I’m better with you, but I think you’re better alone…some things I cannot control”.

Daunt’s technical expertise is evident throughout this track as his amalgamation of an electric guitar rift and thumping drums work to ensure a lively and upbeat sound, contrasting with the disconsolate lyrics. In a way, the head-bopping energy and joyful aesthetic of the music – combined with the vulnerable storytelling found in the lyrics – is what makes this song so effective. The drums are stripped back mid-way through the song for the bridge where Wesley Black switches from singing to his entrancing melodic rap. Earlier this week, ‘Better With You’ premiered on Triple J radio, leaving Wesley Black and Daunt’s listeners excited for the official music video being released this Friday.

Words by Liv Declerck

Photos by Toby Bajrovic (@tbaj)

Music videographer - Joel Baker (@joelbakerfilms) | Edited by @angelarchivetv

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