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WAEVZ RECOMMENDS: TRAP ft. Veshawn, Randy Thrill$, AMAR. & samuel jr.

The Australian trap scene has grown impressively over the past few years with a new wave of young up-and-comers bringing a refreshing experimental energy to the sound. With an incredible momentum of talent on its side, we wanted to highlight a few of the artists from around Australia who are pushing the trap sound to new heights.

Featured in this week’s edition of the ‘WAEVZ Recommends’ are four artists who are continually demonstrating their fearlessness in pushing musical boundaries whilst staying authentic to them and their influences. Melbourne artist Veshawn possesses a melodic delivery like no other, with his mesh of emo rap and trap continually leaving us hooked on every release. Brisbane’s Randy Thrill$ has shown his imposing evolution as an artist through his November album ‘RCKSTR’, whilst fellow 4K artist AMAR. displays his natural ability as a vocalist over a unique approach to trap. Finally, Sydney up-and-comer samuel jr. demonstrates the uncanny ability of being able to provide a perfect balance of unexpected experimentation and explosive trap goodness in his work.

VESHAWN (Melbourne)

Recommended Tracks: ‘Sick of This’ / ‘Rich White Shawty’/ ‘Crawl Space’

Finding Veshawn’s discography will almost certainly be instantly satisfying. The Melbourne artist is equally adept at delivering memorable hooks and introspective pain-ridden verses (‘Sick of This’ with $tainisdead captures this balance expertly), meaning you’ll be sent on an emotional rollercoaster every time you blast one of his tracks. Veshawn is always forthright in expressing his struggles personally and with relationships, albeit with an occasionally tongue-in-cheek tone that reflects his self-awareness in not wanting to be overbearing in his sound. Furthermore, Veshawn’s versatility is unexpected, with December release ‘Crawl Space’ hitting listeners with an equally ominous and innocent sound that is separate from his emo rap bangers.

RANDY THRILL$ (Brisbane)


Whilst Randy Thrill$’s sound no doubt has elements of trap within it, there can be no denying that the Brisbane-based artist takes on a genre less approach throughout his latest album ‘RCKSTR’, a project which reaffirms that he cannot be boxed in. ‘RCKSTR’ as an album traverses an array of sounds that are typically not associated with the Australian scene, with Randy’s steam punk aesthetic and carefree, energetic approach to trap unheard of here. The head-banging intensity of tracks like ‘WTM’ and ‘ROCK’ contrast effectively with a track such as ‘LIK3 DIZ’, which elects for a melancholic feel and ultimately demonstrates Randy’s intended variability. The untapped potential of the music makes Randy Thrill$ one to keep an eye on.

AMAR. (Brisbane)


Even with just two official releases under his name so far, Brisbane-based artist AMAR. has already stamped his standout approach to melodic trap. Across both ‘NO SCRUB’ and ‘SNAKES’ AMAR. has more than adequately demonstrated his adaptability across two wholly different types of trap beats. His debut release came in June of 2021, entitled ‘NO SCRUB’ the single features the young artist reissuing TLC’s infamous ‘No Scrubs’ chorus over a fast-paced upbeat trap instrumental. February release ‘SNAKES’ has a cinematic feel to it, displaying that AMAR. has his sights firmly set on developing his music with every drop. At just 16-years-old, AMAR. has an undeniably enormous potential that deserves greater attention.

SAMUEL JR. (Sydney)


Sydney’s samuel jr. has steadily grown with each and every single he's put out. From the playfulness and surreal nature of ‘Window Shopping’ alongside Purpl.ape, to the dynamic intricacies that samuel jr. displays in his delivery on ‘M92’, the up-and-comer has solidified a previously unheard approach to trap which is well-and-truly refreshing. The layers of production throughout his work would lead one to think that samuel jr.’s music is unsophisticated, on the contrary his sound is equal parts polished and raw – a difficult feat for any artist to achieve. samuel jr.’s ability to transcend multiple sounds and to provide his diverse trap flair makes the Sydney artist one to pay close attention to going forward in the rising trap scene.

Veshawn Photo 1 by @blacklistedvisions, Photo 2 by @flicksnfilm

Randy Thrill$ Photo 1 by @lawson_cross, Photo 2 by @lokihall

AMAR. Photo 1 by @shotby_brad, Photo 2 by @lueidub

samuel jr. Photos by @kotasatoo

Words by Matthew Badrov

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