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The party continues this week as we bring you Volume 2 of our WAEVZ RECOMMENDS: Party Starters edition. Presenting you with a combination of flavours spanning wavy R&B, Disco-house and OG Aussie rap, we’re sure you’ll be bound to have your party playlist covered after reading this.

Featured this week are Sydneysiders MA RATED and Jannah Beth on their latest releases ‘Mood’ and ‘Want Me Dead (Chris Munky Remix)’. Perth’s TheyLovePhip pulls through with a boom-bap rap track entitled ‘Patience’, whilst the man who describes himself as ‘Wollongong's finest’, Busty, teams up with a South Australian rapper to pump up the party on ‘YAO MING AND SHAQ’.


Recommended Tracks: ‘Mood’ / ‘TASTY’ / ‘Medicine’ / ‘Brick Phone’

Pack your bags because MA RATED is taking us to a party in the tropics on his latest single ‘Mood’. Diving into his love and desire as to why that special someone has got him “all in the mood”, MA RATED had linked up with fellow West Sydney artist MRVZ to encapsulate that overwhelming, flustered feeling of being overcome with emotions.The Sydney R&B singer has got plenty of versatility to match the party’s energy, slow whine to ‘Mood’ and ‘Brick Phone’ and buss it down with ‘Tasty’. When debating which artist you need to start the party, chuck on some MA RATED and you're in for one hell of a night.


Recommended Tracks: ‘Want Me Dead (Chris Munky Remix)’ / ‘Never Miss’ / ‘Drip’

Whilst Jannah Beth’s entire ‘Product of a Dreamer (Remixes)’ project would have you well-prepared for an absolute killer disco raver, ‘Never Miss’ and ‘Drip’ are essential for that electronic dance playlist. The vibes of the party are strictly immaculate thanks to the fusion of Jannah’s soulful vocals and House-style beat on ‘Want Me Dead (Chris Munky Remix)’. Jannah goes in deep on this track as the Sydney artist explores their desire for hustle, the vitality of support and the need to be authentic to themselves in such a pressured culture. Through always staying true to their own unique style, Jannah has fiercely made their own lane in the Australian music scene - Be right back, learning how to Muzz for the 10th time so I can vibe out with this “cool individual” entirely.


Recommended Tracks: ‘Patience’ / ‘NETS’ / ‘PAPER TO WASTE’

Making major waves all the way from the West Coast, TheyLovePhip’s first release of 2022, ‘Patience’ will undeniably set you up for a good time. The song uses Phip’s playful and lighthearted wordplay with a boom-bap type beat to give listeners a ‘Fuck it’ attitude, to forget all of their problems and put their focus on a good night ahead. Over the course of the last year, the Perth rapper released a variety of tracks to showcase his vocal ability and musical diversity, occasionally tapping into Trap sounds. It’s not deep, just let go of your ‘Patience’ and just straight up vibe with this banger.



G up the party with ‘Wollongong's finest’ Busty, who has just released his second track of 2022, ‘YAO MING AND SHAQ’. On the track, Busty relentlessly schools his opponents in the rap game to differentiate his hustle to theirs. With a feature from South Australian rapper A.Ware, he too joins in with his ruthless bars that can’t help but leave listeners in boss mode - “How you been rapping for this long but still a rookie”. From Busty we’re used to hearing his rapid-fire bars so this track came as no surprise. If you love all the olds school OG's like Hilltop Hoods and 360 hit up Busty and I guarantee his tracks will make you feel like you’re a millionaire despite the status of your bank account.

Jannah Beth Photos by Michelle Pitiris (@sheisaphrodite)

TheyLovePhip Photo 1 by @ryoridley

Busty Photo 1 by Anthony Smith (@anthonysmithimagery) Photo 2 by @prog_photography

Words By Violet Murphy

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