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“You’re on the AUX tonight” - Panic instantly rushes through your body and your heart races ‘cause you know the pressure’s on. How do I mix genres to fit everyone's taste? What the fuck are the vibes right now, is it too early for bangers? Don’t stress, WAEVZ has got you!

To kick off the party - and to kill that awkward silence - get on some Reyanna Maria, we guarantee her music will put everyone's vocal chords to use. GreXory and Dallas Woods will get the mosh pit started with their unapologetic word play from their latest releases, and after listening to ‘Blue Gem$’ by Sacredd you’ll never want the party to stop.


Recommended Tracks: ‘Loser’ / ‘Used 2’ / ‘So Pretty’

Ease the party in by killing the silence with Reyanna Maria’s ‘Loser’, and I guarantee you’ll have the entire room shouting “I’m way too fine for this, I ain’t got time for this”. The anticipated drop of this song was well worth the wait, and is the perfect way to get rid of that negative energy and vent about that toxic person that’s been bringing you down, before a great night ahead of you. Serve a huge “Fuck you” to all the losers in your life for wasting your time and vibe out with this Melbourne bhaddie, because Reyanna Maria has all the party faves down pat. From ‘So Pretty’ to ‘Used 2’, flick through Reyanna’s discography to match the party's energy.


Recommended Tracks: ‘WHAT YOU WANT?’ / ‘GGKAREN400’ / ‘Bebè’ / ‘N/A’

Get ready to have some toned neck muscles because GreXory is gonna have your head banging while you’re racing to pre’s. GreXory’s latest punk-rap release ‘WHAT YOU WANT?’ will undeniably leave you feeling hyped-up for the night and will have the whole party participating in the mosh pit. Immersed in self-confidence, self-awareness and hardcore bars, GreXory does not miss and versatility comes naturally to the West Sydney rapper as over time his sound has proved to be divergent, fearlessly dipping into various genres to explore his vocal sound and capability. For those alternative trap-rap lovers or listeners that just want to feel relentlessly disrespectful, GreXory is putting you on.


Recommended Tracks: ‘Grime’ / ‘Egyptian Lover’ / ‘Hoodlum’

Serving a new flavor for your ears, Dallas Woods refuses to hold back on his new single ‘Grime’. Switching up from his previous sounds and parting into a 808 UK-type beat, accompanied with rapid rhymes and punchlines, the East Kimberly bred rapper's talent has been explicitly showcased on this track. Throughout the tune Dallas taps into his alter ego, expressing the vitality of having a team to support you: “One man brawl is an all out war, cause we brothers in arms”. Woods never fails to write meaningful bars about real life issues and it was a refreshing surprise to see him do just that but through a different sound. An immaculate addition to the domestic hip-hop scene, Woods ate this track up and left no crumbs with his unapologetic wordplay and provided listeners with the perfect hype-up party song. The rapper is set to drop his debut EP in March and to say I’m keen would be an understatement.


Recommended Tracks: ‘Blue Gem$’ / ‘Nose Bleed’

Adelaide’s fierce rapper and producer Sacredd has got some absolute bangers for you to blast at your next party. ‘Blue Gem$’ immediately hooked me in, with intense piano keys in the intro that resembled the familiar sounds of drill that have been popularised as of late. While ‘Blue Gem$’ is not definitively a drill track, Sacredd’s untamed bars evoke the same cold-blooded outlaw feeling that you’d get from listening to drill. I’m dying to see ‘Blue Gem$’ performed live so that we can all spit Sacredd’s tongue-in-cheek lyrics alongside this phenomenal creative.

GreXory Photo by @captured_productions__

Dallas Woods Photo 1 by @snapshotbam, Photo 2 by @bc_monochrome

Words by Violet Murphy

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