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WAEVZ RECOMMENDS: Music for Sleepless Nights VOL 2.

Volume 2 of our ‘Music for Sleepless Nights’ segment encompasses contemporary R&B acts from across the nation to showcase how impeccably diverse Australian talent is. When it’s 3am and your mind just can’t stop racing, add these tunes to your playlist so that you can navigate life's unpredictable roads alongside these four artists.


Recommended tracks: ‘Closer’ / ‘24/7’ / ‘Moments’

Melbourne’s very-own R&B up-and-comer Monique Bosinoski has got your ‘sleepless night’ playlist on lock. Monique’s distinct vocals see her shine through her sensual and melodic tracks which effortlessly enchant the listener within an instant. On her latest release, ‘Closer’, she explores unforeseen desires she’s feeling towards that special someone as she forthrightly addresses the need to get closer to them.’Closer’ is perfectly suited to your sleepless nights of dreaming and overthinking about that significant other you’ve been pondering about the entire day.


Recommended tracks: ‘Patience’ / ‘In(Dependent)’ / ‘Fade Away’ / ‘Tuesday Interlude’

Fusing mellow instrumentals with his euphonic vocals, Sydney’s melodic R&B talent R3SH is undeniably one to watch, having released over 15 singles in 2021 alone. R3SH’s discography is a ‘Sleepless Night’ playlist in itself - and I am living for it! ‘Patience’, released in August of 2021, showcases the magnetic feeling of yearning for someone’s love and aspiring to be your best self, through ridding past demons and being patient with your self-growth for that special someone. When you’re contemplating love and self-growth late at night and want some mutual ground, confide in R3SH for some wholesome insight into what the human condition thrives off - growth and love.


Recommended tracks: ‘Teenage Daydream' / 'Sneak’

For one of those restless nights when you simply have too much energy, press play on Betty’s discography and have a little boogie before sending that mind off to sleep. The soulful Sydney singer-songwriter is bursting with creativity and vocal talent. ‘Teenage Daydream’ explores the complexities of chasing the out of this world feeling that is teenage love despite one’s teenage years being over. Betty’s groovy tunes will have you reminiscing on those blissful memories whilst calming down that overstimulated mind of yours.


Recommended tracks: ‘Who Knew’ / ‘Laneway Girl’ / ‘Daydream’ / ‘Primal’

Brisbane's multifaceted Pachinko effortlessly captivates listeners through his powerful vocal authenticity. The compelling R&B artist deftly orchestrates a soothing tone with all of his releases, which is bound to ease any listener’s wandering thoughts. Panchinko’s release ‘Who Knew’ draws on the intoxicating feeling of falling unexpectedly in love. Throughout the track he emphasises how impossible it is to suppress his feelings for the right person. Pachinko’s music fits perfectly into the ‘sleepless night playlist’ as being unable to contain your happiness and love for that special someone will undoubtedly keep you up at night.

Words By Violet Murphy

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