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WAEVZ RECOMMENDS: Music for Sleepless Nights

Often music is a source of comfort and reassurance during our greatest challenges as people. The universal experience of being lost in your thoughts just as you need to switch-off calls for music that is wholly relatable to and empathetic of your internal dialogue. Each of these artists - Gabby Nacua, MAMI, FRAAN and Dylan Atlantis - encapsulate feelings of longing, love, reminiscence, frustration and hope that are privy to one's late night thoughts. For those nights when you’re lying awake contemplating the past, present and future, get these four artists on your rotation and embrace the mysteries of the unknown.


Recommended Tracks: ‘Conditional’ / ‘Little Bit Shy’ / ‘Ethereal’ / ‘Show You The Love’

Western Sydney’s Gabby Nacua always delivers a deeply personal performance on her tracks, whilst blessing the listener with a balance of soul-enhancing and heartfelt vocals. A track like ‘Conditional’ exemplifies this through Gabby’s calls for her significant other to be different to the rest, and to mirror her own love for them through their commitment and actions, rather than their words. This is why Gabby personifies the mood around late night rumination. Her music is authentic to her innermost thoughts and therefore embodies the relatable feeling of being stuck up at night wishing for better from those we love.


Recommended Tracks: 'It Is What It Is' / 'Without You Freestyle'

What an outstanding debut year 2021 has been for MAMI. The Sydney-based artist perfectly captures the impact of heartbreak and disillusionment in her music whilst blending moody contemporary R&B stylings with her own earnest and love-worn vocals. MAMI’s music is deeply in-touch with her own experiences with love. Her first single, ‘It Is What It Is’, speaks to the emotional pain she had to endure through a one-sided relationship which left her fed up with this significant other’s vague and unclear intentions for their relationship. And it is this upfront and raw honesty that speaks to one coming to the conclusion that that person in your head, who's keeping you up at night, needs to be let go of.


Recommended Tracks: 'WHATSLOVE'

FRAAN released his debut single ‘WHATSLOVE’ just under a month ago and the track still has us hooked. An intersection between catchy, emphatic hip-hop bars and superb R&B vocals, the track sees FRAAN juggling the clash in his feelings towards a past relationship. Throughout the song FRAAN expresses his inability to enjoy the same things he used to share with this special someone, whilst then contrasting this with the realisation that the end of the relationship was for the best. It is this clash in his perspective that replicates the internal dilemmas that consistently keep people tossing and turning into the late night.


Recommended Tracks: 'Sum1 Else' / 'Missed Calls' / 'Know Myself' / 'Lil Bit Uh Luv'

Each and every time I listen to Dylan Atlantis’ music I am absolutely stunned and captivated. Atlantis’ natural ability to draw from a variety of genres whilst still keeping it fully unique is something that is inspiring to witness as a listener. August release ‘Missed Calls’ captures the undeniable challenge of navigating one’s internal thoughts and feelings towards that special someone who has earnt our love, but who then fails on their part to return the same love. The way this type of love can you keep you up at night is truly something else and Atlantis has wholeheartedly captured that in the music.

Dylan Atlantis Photos by @s1mkaur

Gabby Nacua Photo 2 by Francis Sicat (@franci_s_icat)

Words by Matthew Badrov

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