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WAEVZ Recommends ‘Late Night Drive’ Vol 2 : Sailor Goon, Dez Banks, Rhiannon Renea, MILA

For those cold Winter nights when you’re on the road late at night and in need of some soothing tunes to get you through the drive, we’ve got you covered. This week we’re supplying 4 more tracks for that ‘Late Night Drive’ playlist. Each of these recommendations shine their own unique light on where the Australian hip-hop and R&B scene is at today. Establishing their self-confidence and their passionate feminine power, Sailor Goon and Rhiannon Renea will have your ego shining after listening to their latest singles. Dez Banks puts his own unique spin on UK Garage and R&B on ‘Angel Eyes’ and, R&B singer MILA confides in us, about her dark and sensual confidentialities on ‘Secrets’.


Recommended Tracks: 'UNHOLY' / 'CHAINS'

Sailor Goon has stamped her name on the domestic R&B scene with her enticing release ‘UNHOLY’. The track establishes the singer's independence and fortitude in actively choosing against welcoming emotional romances into her life, instead embracing the urge to only participate in strictly ‘UNHOLY’ relations. On the contrary, the track’s feature - fellow R&B artist Donell Lewis - explores his disregard for feelings and unwanted opinions as he’s just down for wherever the ride takes him - “Call it whatever, just don’t call it quits”. The track is produced by Sydney-based producer and engineer Sefru, who crafts the track expertly. And having frequently fused hip-hop with R&B and reggaeton elements, it’s safe to say this man knows how to kill a beat. This is a track you’ve just got to listen to and Sefru, this shit BANG.


Recommended Tracks: 'Angel Eyes' / 'Still Here' / 'Only Fans'

Delivering a fresh twist on UK Garage and R&B with his latest single ‘Angel Eyes’, Dez Banks has your go-to ‘Late Night Drive’ track on lock. On the single, the up-and-comer contradicts his usual sensual and melodic R&B sound and instead delivers an upbeat and bumping listen. Aside from the track's production, Dez’s overall delivery is distinct from his previous tracks. Whilst, ‘Angel Eyes’ initially invites listeners into a hyper, careless energy, his lyricism leads the track in the polar opposite direction. The singer explores the emptiness he feels after losing someone and that ongoing yearn to get them back. “Why I feel so empty here? It’s only ‘cause you’re not there”. Undoubtedly, Dez Banks has proven himself to be loaded with surprises and genre creativity and versatility. And as Dez reminisces on simpler times through ‘Angel Eyes’, I’ll be blasting it on my next night drive to show my friends that I’ve got the best music taste.


Recommended Tracks: 'Baddest' / 'If I Don't Say It Hurts' / 'Waste My Time'

Drenched in pure self-confidence and powerful feminine energy, Rhiannon Renea puts forward her ‘Baddest’ self on her latest single. On the track the Adelaide-based singer-songwriter establishes that she is fiercely moving forward, leaving the toxic past behind her. Sick of always trying to impress her significant other, she’s taken on the iconic words of advice from one Ri Ri, and in turn is advising listeners to just “fake it” when they're feeling low on confidence, relaying “Real talk I’m the baddest and a bitch never average, say what I want, do what I want, I can be a savage”. Although from the outside she’s an independent presenting female, inside she is still healing from the past. Playing this track to the max when I just need to feel some divine energy.


Recommended Tracks: 'Secrets'

Dark, saucy and sensual R&B always hits the spot and R&B singer MILA clearly has it on lock after debuting with the enticing ‘Secrets’, a track which is ironically one huge confession that’ll have your ears hooked. Released alongside an alluring music video, the single unveils MILA’s confidential thoughts and actions, that she just can’t seem to hide from the one person she wants to. The singer describes this detective-like figure who has the power to see transparently through her words and thoughts - “I don’t want to keep any secrets from you anymore, cause you always find out anyway, you keep from me how you have your ways”. The suave single will undoubtedly ease you on that drive that takes you well into the late night and will have you feeling just as seductive and mysterious as the track itself.

Sailor Goon Photo 1 by @ttyltonia

Words By Violet Murphy

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