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VOLDY breaks down the selfishness of a one-sided love on ‘VIRUS’

Melbourne artist VOLDY has showcased the sheer depth of his musical adaptability with the release of his latest single entitled ‘VIRUS’. Hailing from South Africa and currently based in Burn City, VOLDY has amassed a superbly varied discography that speaks to the extent of his versatility. VOLDY’s presence within the Australian scene over the past year has been a blessing, with his music offering a therapeutic energy that is reflective of what he is wishing to give to the world through his releases.

‘VIRUS’ sees VOLDY taking the listener through his fluctuating mindset around a love that is contagious like the eponymous virus. The track effectively toes the fine line between head-bopper and introspective tune, with VOLDY demonstrating his knack for delicately balancing sonic depth and captivation of his audience. Michael Elia’s production serves as a perfect platform for VOLDY to convey his emotions about this significant other, as the track’s intro blends Elia’s gentle plucks of the guitar with the Melbourne artist’s raw lyrics, “I don’t know where my time went, I caught feelings like a virus”. The song allows VOLDY to explore the self-centred and mystifying behaviour of this significant other who juggles keeping him at a distance with manipulating him to stay in the relationship despite his objections, “You talk like you never need me baby you fake, you ask me ‘why did you leave?’ but baby it’s late”.

The back-and-forth nature of VOLDY’s vocals mirrors the uneven dedication to love he endured whilst in this relationship, “I tried (to keep it alive), part of me (is dying inside), you say (you needed some time)”, with the specific use of lead vocals leading into backing vocals in this instance indicative of VOLDY’s turmoul in being unable to speak to the true extent of the emotional damage this relationship is causing him. It’s only internally where he can finish the sentences he wishes he could say aloud. VOLDY’s precise use of vocal rests, humming and the distinct personality of his vocal timbre meshes in a heavenly fashion. Indeed it is truly a case of an artist putting all of their love into their music, so much so that it radiates onto its listener and heals them in the process. The final touch of backing vocals to close out the track was an unexpected but welcome delight that had me assured in my belief that VOLDY is a truly authentic and original talent.

Photos by @lazyfair_

Words by Matthew Badrov

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