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UK-born Sydney MC Bigredcap emphasises the importance of authenticity on his new album

Sydney-based MC Bigredcap released his dynamic new album ‘Forever’ last Tuesday. Originally hailing from the UK, Bigredcap has been based in Australia for the last few years and has made a huge contribution to the local hip-hop scene. Having featured on tracks with a range of domestic acts and performed at gigs and festivals with some of the biggest artists the country has seen, Bigredcap has imprinted his lyrical ability on the ever-evolving scene down under for some time now. This new project embodies the true creative genius of Bigredcap and his vision to make authentically powerful bangers. For hip-hop lovers, the new project features a variety of hip-hop offshoots, rhythms and emotions for the listener to explore. We had the opportunity to chat with him about his latest project and the evolving music scene in Australia.

As a seasoned MC, Bigredcap has been cultivating his lyrical ability and songwriting skills for many years, experimenting with a plethora of sounds and techniques within his tracks to elevate the listening experience for his fans. Over the years we have seen him work on a variety of styles ranging from old school grime to boom bap, and even to dropping elite vocals over EDM-rap hybrids. “For a time there, I always tried to stick to a style for each EP or album. I'd do a grime EP, then a boom bap EP, then a more commercial EP etc. but I did find myself feeling limited by this approach - and I think that will roll off onto the listener.”

Authenticity plays a huge role in an artist’s discography and the way they themselves are able to resonate with their fan base. When asked about his versatility as an MC and the different styles he likes to explore within his projects, Bigredcap explains that he wanted to create music that really made him feel something regardless of the genre or style that it fell into “That way, what I was writing would always be fully authentic and real. As cliché as that sounds - I think it has made my last few projects my absolute best work. I felt every single song I made, whether it was silly, inspirational or going deep into my real feelings. I made sure everything I put down was 100% me.”

As we listened to the new album, the consistency of Bigredcap’s meticulous penmanship and lyrical abilities stood out. As an MC, the creative processes involved in envisioning the track and seeing it through to completion are critical, and Bigredcap impressed us with the level of finesse he displayed through his work. He explained his creative process to us as: “a pretty solitary process. I lock myself away in my studio and just record hooks, verses and ideas all the time. Sometimes I take my time to go deep within myself. Other times I just wanna tell it how I feel at the time about a specific subject. It’s basically always a therapy session”.

Speaking on collaborations and working with other artists, he explained the importance of forming a connection on certain rhythms and how this helps perfect the final output.

“Then when I reach out for someone to be on a song… I try to bounce our energies off each other, so we come with something that sounds like we really got together and did that shit haha I think everyone who hopped on this album came with their A-Game - that goes from producers to features. As lame as it sounds... I have been trying to 'keep it real' and I will continue to do so... every bar you hear comes from the heart on my sleeve.”

The UK-born MC has truly had a taste of working in multiple music scenes and understands the factors that can really help push a growing music scene to becoming recognised globally. Having worked on his music in the UK, the Netherlands and in Australia, Bigredcap has broadened his perspective on the different trends within genres and area-specific styles. The rapper has been living in Australia for several years now and has worked with many local artists and producers on his own projects and on theirs. He believes that the variety of sounds we have to offer in Australia from drill, to underground rap, to classic Aussie hip-hop is crucial to building a music community that will remain committed to the cause.

“Australian hip-hop is in the best spot it has ever been. From West Sydney to Perth to Queensland - The landscape is ever changing and evolving. I honestly love it and all I want to see is more collaboration from different genres and styles. I like that everyone is thriving in their lanes… but when I see those out of the box collabs, I get gassed.”

On the new project, we see plenty of features from up-and-coming and well-established local artists. Listening to the project, there is an amazing sonic balance that is a by-product of a variety of local sounds making an appearance on certain tracks. We see the likes of Lee Monro, Losty, Suttle and Lady P making appearances on the album, all providing a unique and fresh experience for the listener. “I have been here a long time and I have worked with tons of Australian artists at this point. I have always been a fan of bringing new sounds and collaborations - I love that feeling of getting everyone to show their different styles on a song - unified with one goal - to make a banger haha.”

Bigredcap has released multiple projects since he moved over to Australia and has been a great advocate for local collaboration and its importance in cultivating a music community. “To be honest, I have been here for close to 10 years now and consider myself pretty much a local artist. There are still many artists I would love to work with in Australia. I think the best way to move forward is for everyone to find ways to work together... cross-pollinate each other’s audiences and expose new people to what’s out here.”

‘Forever’ as an album embodies authenticity and versatility. Bigredcap has released a project that encapsulates the Australian hip-hop landscape wholeheartedly, providing the listener with a sonic experience that explores the world of grime, boom bap, classic Aussie hip-hop and lyrical rap. When asked about what he wishes for the listener to take away from this project, Bigredcap was honest and direct.

“I honestly just want people to know that I am a human, I feel lots of different moods and vibes… and I try to capture them in little bottles - until I have an album full of different moods. I just want people to take the journey from start to finish, see if they find something that they can relate to on that human level.”

Words & Interview by Maroun Ghossain

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