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Triple One enlist all-star ensemble for unapologetic new track ‘MR. WHIPPY’

From the outset, it’s clear that ‘MR. WHIPPY’ is a track not to be messed with. Amplified by a ‘no-fucks-given’ attitude with every uncompromising bar that gets thrown at the listener, ‘MR. WHIPPY’ features artists and producers from across the East Coast collaborating to kick-off 2022 with a blast. The song includes an instantly memorable hook and verse from Obi Ill Terrors, as well as tenacious verses from Western Sydney duo Cult Shϕtta, Melbourne rapper Mulalo, Brisbane’s Nerve, and fellow Triple One member Marty Bugatti.

Unapologetic, never self-serious, and constantly in-your-face, ‘MR. WHIPPY’ has kicked-off what is set to be a significant year for not just these artists, but for the Australian scene as a whole. Almost instantly, Triple One’s Obi Ill Terrors fly kicks the listener with a hook tailor-made for being recited as you’re going hard in the mosh. Packed with braggadocious lyrics like Triple One spitter Marty Bugatti’s: “Cause everybody’s got a sound now, but when Marty’s round it really is phenomenal”, and a nostalgic flavour with the sampling of the eponymous Mr. Whippy theme – ‘MR. WHIPPY’ is a collision of multiple forces that formulates into one colossal banger.

With the production, Triple One’s Billy Gunn and fellow Sydney-based producer Swindail have drawn from childhood reminiscence and then proceeded to turn it volatile with the inclusion of crashing drums, and 808s that hit like the RKO from WWE. And as a cross-collaboration between Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, ‘MR. WHIPPY’ especially succeeds in demonstrating the sheer variety and depth in talent this scene offers.

E11even (one half of Cult Shϕtta) thrives in his own signature way by adding some hyper pop vocal enhancements to his verse, alongside lil golo, whose energy as a hype man matches his authentic-to-himself personality, which translates into plenty of pure confidence with his delivery. The pair use their verses to breakdown some of the unexpected craziness that comes with the artist lifestyle. Just as Nerve’s blistering verse comes to an end and the Brisbane artist readies himself to kick off another thrashing hook provided by Obi, Melbourne’s Mulalo takes centre stage to deliver bars laced with pure venom and unfaltering authenticity: “Please know your place, I can’t relate to being a fraud or a fake”, smashing listeners with her lethal wordplay and delivery.

On ‘MR. WHIPPY’, the energy is so potent it almost feels like Triple One, Cult Shotta, Nerve and Mulalo are picturing every hater, doubter and leech they've encountered in their heads with each and every word they spout. And it’s the type of feeling that any listener can resonate with – sometimes you’re just sick of everyone’s shit and need to let loose in the mosh with your best mates. It’s been way too long since we’ve all been able to do exactly that and we can’t wait to be able to do it again.

Photo by @astrasyd

Words by Matthew Badrov

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