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Trajikk and MIN collaborate on bouncy track ‘Hit Me Up’

West Australian artists Trajikk and MIN have partnered up for a vibey Hip-Hop and R&B track called ‘Hit Me Up’. The song is an ode to those who have chased someone out of love, but who then don’t get the same feelings reciprocated. Both artists use their respective skills to effectively communicate their ranging emotions and to turn this into a banger of a song. Sometimes the chase isn’t worth the reward, in spite of all the hard work you have put in.

The energy and natural chemistry on show from Perth-based artists Trajikk and MIN is extremely contagious on ‘Hit Me Up, a track which sees the pair weave in and out of their respective verses to create a vibey and vivacious aesthetic. The premise of the song is built around the notion of hitting up that special someone who simply doesn’t reciprocate the same love, with both Trajikk and MIN doing their utmost to get this person’s attention. MIN sets the mood from the outset with a fantastic hook that is both catchy and captivating as he uses his smooth R&B vocals to bring the song to life and set the mood from the beginning. However, it is in his hook that we hear the pain in his voice as he is trying to get this special someone’s attention but to no avail: “I wanna talk, but you won’t call me back”. His contribution represents a person who is putting themselves out there and making themselves somewhat vulnerable, only for someone to simply dodge picking up the phone.

Trajikk’s arrival then brings the energy, with his well-crafted and exciting bars continuing the lively nature of MIN’s hook. It’s Trajikk’s killer flow and the ease to which he can rap so passionately that stands out and makes his verses special. His ability to make you see what he sees through the use of visual imagery allows the audience to visualise what he is picturing with the special someone he is after, whether it be them driving with her feet on the dashboard or getting to know each other without the standard and monotonous ‘getting to know you questions’. What ties the song together and allows it to truly flourish is the production from Kiyoto. It features some crafty and funky synth notes that are partnered with a melodic R&B beat which is consistently intoxicating throughout the entirety of the track. More importantly, it acts as the paramount foundation for the entire song to be built upon and allows both artists to shine on the track. As the track comes to an end, we hear the ironic sound of a phone call to Trajikk, with it not being picked up and it being sent straight to voicemail. This phone call represents the irony and almost humorous ending to this chase, as it shows that Trajikk is now self-empowered as he moves on with his life and refuses to waste his time on someone who never picked up his calls.

Production by Kiyoto

Mixed and Mastered by Urban Soul Recording Studio

Words by Joachim Subramaniam

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