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Timba is waiting for the queen to ‘Make A Move’ in the chess game of desires

Photo by @_capturedbyash

Western Sydney artist and songwriter Timba has arrived with his latest smooth single ‘Make A Move’. The always captivating Timba uses the track to speak on his experiences with the game of going back and forth with someone he is romantically interested in. ‘Make A Move’ marks Timba’s fourth release of the year following ‘ISSA PARTY’, ‘Overrated’ and ‘Best Time Of Our Lives’ and gives the R&B starlet a chance to showcase his impressive vocal range.

The track sees Timba explaining to listeners that it is the mind games between him and this significant other that keeps them apart, and that him keeping busy in the interim is all part of the plan. “Keep it nonchalant, itty off the private stock, balling out 'n profits, make it feel like I’m just waiting on you.” Timba clearly expresses that he plays it cool and does not play by the rules as he is “waiting on her,” as he has done his part.

Photo by @princereyesphotography

Timba uses diverse flows and rhythms throughout the piece which displays the extent of his vocal arsenal. For example, such versatility can be found in the lines in the chorus, “I am waiting on you, who's waiting on me, I'm waiting on you to make a move - 'cause we’re waiting on me to take the lead” and in the second verse “I know that you know, about what I’m thinking, I’m thinking about what you’re thinking about.” The delivery of both those lines is completely contrasted with longer phrases in the chorus and shorter phrases in the second verse. Timba has also developed his adlibs which are heard especially in the second chorus highlighting his musical prowess, “and girl you test my patience and I'm about to break, and girl you know I'm ready the move is yours to make.”

The first element that catches the listener's attention on this song is the sensual and emphatic bass that drives the piece and compliments Timba’s vocal timbre. The production by PAZ explores off beats and syncopation that contrasts with the linear vocal lines creating a push and pull feel throughout the track. This shows the similar dynamic between Timba and his potential interest in negotiating the first move. It is refreshing and pleasing to the ear to hear real instruments tracked in an era of pure digital music. This creates authenticity to the message of the song with the subtleties of tones that real instruments carry. This can be heard in the melodically enchanting guitar solo that is harmonised in the last half of the solo to facilitate a Carlos Santana-esque tone and energy. The harmonic content revolves around the piano played by PAZ leaning towards the gospel, R&B and neo soul fusion of the song. This fusion of genres in the production creates a unique blend of musical elements that are expertly engineered by PAZ, making for a style that we would love to see more of from Timba in future releases.

Photo by @princereyesphotography

Words by Byron Zeledon-Torres

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