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The 046 link-up with Th4 W3st for cross-state collaboration ‘Paid Our Dues’

In what arrives as a major moment for the Australian hip-hop scene, Claymore’s The 046 have come together with Goodna’s TH4 W3ST for a confident and forthright collaborative single entitled ‘Paid Our Dues’. The sight of seeing The 046, who represent the South-West Sydney suburb of Claymore with pride, and TH4 W3ST – a group who unapologetically wear Goodna on their sleeve – join forces reflects the impressive momentum of the Australian scene and the work that has been put in by both groups to get to this point.

‘Paid Our Dues’ embraces the talents of each group perfectly, giving both sets of artists a chance to shine on the track. The 046 (made up of Kymza, Ronza and Jizza) and TH4 W3ST (comprising Lisi, Vikz4300, jr.43 and Snoopy4303) each take opportunities to display their individual talents both as rappers and vocalists, with Kymza and Ronza gliding with the melodies and showcasing their lyrical capabilities in tandem. Jizza, Lisi and jr.43 then proceed to pack a punch with their verses that effectively build on the single’s themes of working to build a better life for themselves, their loved ones and their communities of Claymore and Goodna. The production from the ever-reliable Sefru lays a well-balanced platform of rattling drums and thumping bass, and it’s a credit to the West Sydney producer that The 046 crew have evolved to embrace melodies in their sound, which have truly added another dimension to their work. And without a doubt, Kymza’s hook is one of my favourites I’ve heard in 2022 so far.

The 046 have had us hooked from the release of their bouncy 2021 track ‘My Hood’, a single which fully showcased their affinity for bringing the always-loveable G-Funk sound that dominated the West Coast in the 90s into the modern era. In the same way that G-Funk inspired a whole new wave of talent with its signature oozing, psychedelic keys, both The 046 and TH4 W3ST have earnt themselves the stature to subsequently inspire generations to come to simply be themselves and embrace their own distinct artistic flavour.

Collaborations like these are what elevate the Australian scene to an even greater level. By bridging the gap between states it allows the whole scene to prosper, and to ultimately be inspired to do the exact same with the ambition of growing Australian hip-hop to the level it undeniably can reach. Undoubtedly, ‘Paid Our Dues’ marks a massive step in the directions of both The 046 and TH4 W3ST, and is a certain sign of the big things to come from both groups.

Words by Matthew Badrov

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