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Sydney's MANNI explores the magnetic feeling of love on 'No Distractions’

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Entering 2022 with an audacious and sensual R&B tune, MANNI’s ‘No Distractions’ exposes her inescapable feelings and attraction towards that special someone and the uncontrollable feeling of enchantment that comes with falling in love. The Sydney singer's latest track describes the magnetic feeling of needing someone and how hard it can be to pull away from that desire.

The production is immaculate, resembling the familiar sounds of international R&B tracks from chartoppers like Jhené Aiko and Summer Walker. MANNI’s heavenly, powerful voice will undoubtedly ensure that you add this tune to your ‘Late Night R&B’ playlist.

MANNI has expertly fused intimate lyricism with her straightforward approach to love in order to express how much she wants to be with this special person. MANNI takes a fearless approach, evoking that she doesn’t have time to waste playing games in love, which is hard to admit in contemporary dating culture. MANNI’s forthright approach cuts right to the chase, foreshadowing the song's overall message - if you love someone tell them, life is too short to be playing games.

MANNI’s magnetic feelings towards this person's energy is unbreakable and describes her emotions as ones she can’t explain as she fell in love so quickly and unexpectedly.

“Don’t know how they got here, These feelings rushing to my veins, It's like a tidal wave.”

Darren Semrany’s production on this track is truly unmistakable. The electric guitar and keyboard are a staple of any great R&B track and the guitar in particular works studiously to elevate that sensual feeling of the song. The bass strategically kicks in at the cusp of the chorus and effortlessly engages the audience throughout the entirety of ‘No Distractions’. In addition, the bass is also used to create a push and pull melody throughout the song that reciprocates the back and forth communication of love. Semrany has undeniably outdone himself with this production and has worked rigorously to elevate MANNI’s majestic vocals.

On MANNI’s first single ‘Wake up Call’ released in 2020, the soulful singer exposed her past relationships, leaving them as a ‘Wake up Call’ to show them that she isn't one to play with. Two years on, MANNI juxtaposes this notion in ‘No Distractions’ as she finds the right one to connect with. On both tracks it is evidently clear that MANNI isn’t afraid to be transparent throughout her music, ultimately allowing for a deeper connection with her listeners.

Produced by Darren Semrany

Words By Violet Murphy

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