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Sydney's AEDAN advises listeners to dive into summer romance on 'run!'

Sydney's latest come-up AEDAN, has just dropped his first release of 2022 entitled ‘run!’, a track that is 3 minutes of pure musical bliss tailor-made for being blasted through a speaker. Releasing music since he was just 14 years old, the multifaceted artist has an abundantly clear desire to take his own route in the Australian scene. AEDAN’s unique storytelling encourages listeners to put their pride aside, forget the petty bullshit and focus on being in that infatuated summer relationship.

AEDAN is far from reluctant when it comes to being transparent. Boldly surfacing that people tend to be too hooked on trivial arguments in relationships, AEDAN has no time to waste disputing and would rather put his ego aside to experience love wholly while he can. Throughout the track, the Sydney R&B singer breaks down the core reasons for failed relationships: poor communication, petty arguments and general overthinking. Often in relationships the yearn and endearment we have for someone is palpable yet the small dissensions triumph. However, AEDAN has a seamless solution, to take a step back from the situation, re-evaluate and get lost in love again before the relationship is sabotaged.

“I don’t know why we’re stressin’ out, you know that I love you and all of your flaws but we keep running around.”

In addition to AEDAN’s external and holistic view on relationship disputes evoked through his articulate lyricism and captivating wordplay, both the chorus and verses are effortlessly catchy and after just a few listens it had me shouting the lyrics. Although AEDAN is a frequent love song writer, ‘run!’ is vastly different from his previous releases. His Debut EP ‘Rose Quartz’ released in 2020 had a clear lowkey trap influenced energy however, ‘run!’ is upbeat and surprisingly lively, enhancing AEDAN’s continuous evolution and versatility as an artist.

‘run!’ is an international collaboration with Joshwa, a United States producer who has been producing and selling alternative hip-hop and R&B beats non-stop over the past 12 months. ‘run!’ resembles the familiar sounds of KAYTRANADA, with the combination of an upbeat, bouncy production, flirtatious hints of electric guitar riffs and an addictive bassline making it hard for any listener to hit the pause button. The drive of these two creatives is identical, each sprouting with drive and determination which makes for an unmatched collaboration in spite of the geographical distance.

Having released music for over 5 years now, AEDAN is no stranger to the modern R&B scene and is fearlessly evolving to establish his own name in the industry. The Sydney up-and-comer’s unique sound is bound to reach a global audience and like any other AEDAN listener I can’t wait for his next release!

First Photo By @tahiwilliams

Words By Violet Murphy

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