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Sydney artist Erin presents innovative new sound on first single ‘Still’

Sydney artist Erin integrates R&B with dreamscape sounds creating a unique sound, separating herself from other artists.

Erin’s newest release ‘Still’ invites us into an intimate and heart-wrenching piece of music that showcases her artistry in an authentic and honest manner. This track is a self-reflective and actualising insight in who Erin is as an artist with an intricate and powerful execution of her music. The song has various moving musical entities that keep the listener engaged along through the ambiguity of rhythm and pulse, with the elements of the release combining to form an idiosyncratic style of music that emphatically leaves Erin’s unique mark on it. One thing’s for sure, this release no doubt has us excited for the next musical imprint she leaves.

The impetus to this emotionally moving piece of music is Erin’s delicate and soothing vocal tone that transcends the song so eloquently. Erin showcases her vocal skill with her scalic runs, and subtle vibrato. Just with these vocal elements, the listener is drawn into a sentimental piece of music that explores the precipice of a crumbling relationship. The lyrics, “so it begins”, sung in a muted tone, portrays the self-acceptance of the uphill battle about to start, which is why it is sung in the most dramatic parts of the song. There are subtleties in the lyrics that highlight undertones of emotional pain that are accentuated by her long vocal notes, perhaps simulating cries for the need of emotional repair. The central theme of the song is the hope that the person you love will not move on to the next, leaving you left with faint memories and heartbreak, “Don’t look at her, because I still want you”.

The musical creativity in the production by Ken Allars and GODTET is outstanding throughout the piece, leaving room for Erin to deliver a new style of music that explores sounds with greater depth and meaning. The production of this song is immaculate as it utilises electronic effects combined with raw instruments such as the full sounding double bass sound, the mellow brass and heart pulling strings, that tell Erin’s story in an artistic and innovative approach. The instrumentation revolves around the vocal melody in such an effortless and natural way that does not drown out the vocals, rather augmenting the musical experience. A unique element of this track, is the utilisation of rests that help create and stop momentum throughout the track. All these elements help the artistic self-expression in this song in which Erin demonstrates in such a meaningful approach. Erin’s vocal mastery suits the vibe of the song so effortlessly and is perfect for the style. We hope to see this type of music by Erin in the future.

Cover Art by

Photo 1 by @anna_zrnic

Photo 2 by @adamscarfphotography

Words by Byron Zeledon-Torres

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