Siala brings creative finesse on powerful new interlude 'Bleeding / Focus'

Siala has artistically astonished us with a powerful and emotionally moving new track entitled “Bleeding/Focus (Interlude)’ that gives us insight into an internal battle taking place. Siala explores many colours, musically and artistically, that are realised in this latest release. The visualistic power of the lyrics, and the way they are executed eloquently showcase Siala’s artistic expression with the themes presented in this track. This piece of music is a vehicle to Siala’s artistic journey in how they speak about tribulations that they have faced such as feelings of meaninglessness, the power in struggle, and unwanted distractions in life. We are excited to see what Siala’s artistic journey takes us and to see where these tracks fit in with their upcoming releases.

The introductory words match the soft, intimate, but powerful feeling with pan flute harmonies crescendoing until the beat starts. The beat is extremely groovy with reggaeton and afro influences embedded into the beat, especially with strong bass drum. Siala’s vocal tone and annunciation of words enhances the overall track and showcases the finesse that is slightly behind the beat. This is in contrast with their debut single ‘Blackout’ which had a more linear flow. This laid-back triplet feel is accentuated with the lyrics of “I’m bleeding” and “I need it”, that sit in that rhythmic pocket so effortlessly and natural. Producer Nerve intelligently displays his technical knack through the intentional use of vocals that are not always in tune or have been altered. This needs to be done more often as it showcases authenticity that is refreshing to hear for a listener.

One of the key elements of this song is the beautiful vocal embellishments and adlibs that are performed by Siala throughout the whole track. These sustained, melismatic, cry-like vocal adlibs are what ties the beat and harmony together, exemplifying Siala’s vocal ability. In the latter part of the interlude, we transition into a soul and R&B style beat that is a translation from the reggaeton type beat with each musical element substituted by its respective genre characteristics. The long noted melodic solo at the end of the interlude is representative of the adlibs in the first portion of the song. This part of the interlude showcases a more melodic and harmonic side to the overall track whilst still maintaining the unique style Siala brings. Nerve undoubtedly did an outstanding job on the production of the song with the hybridisation of rhythms, styles, and overall musical elements adding depth to the artistic portrayal.

The musical diversity that Siala brings to the music scene is exciting and innovative. The flow is impeccable, whether it is laid-back, linear, or a mixture of both with the rhythmic diversity brought to the table. This interlude leaves us keen to see what Siala’s next release will be as more musicological and artistic themes are explored.

Words by Byron Zeledon-Torres