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Scruffs & Savage The Girl link up for authentic summer tune ‘Wonderful Day’

Sydney-based producer and drummer Scruffs has enlisted the help of West Melbourne artist Savage The Girl to craft a laidback and authentic summer jam entitled ‘Wonderful Day’. Featuring a harmonious balance of Scruffs’ expert production nous and Savage The Girl’s multifaceted vocal ability, the track is dedicated to embracing the goodness and beauty inside of us and in the world we live in.

What I find truly incredible about ‘Wonderful Day’ is how frank it is with its listeners. We are never treated to faux musings about the grandiose nature of the world that surrounds us, rather it is a case of the artists behind the track simply acknowledging the challenges and realities of the everyday. The vicarious nature of Savage The Girl’s lyrics, alongside Scruffs’ refrained and subtle production, assures an undoubtedly impressive level of transparency that enhances the listener’s ability to absorb the song’s core meaning. The way Savage The Girl makes reference to her own struggles with identity and the chaos that is amplified by our interactions with social media is a facet the listener resonates with as she states; “And I decided that I no longer check my phone in the morning, cause I don’t wanna misdirect all my energy”. Such a lyric encapsulates the themes of this track because of the significance placed on the need to take a step back and not allow these thoughts to overwhelm and blur your everyday intuition.

On a technical level, the track is pervaded by a raw, stripped-back quality that is boosted by a lush live instrumentation. The guitar work by Oskar Veliks infuses the track with the almost otherworldly feeling of summer offering us that much-needed escape, and Scruffs’ drum work enlivens the track’s aesthetic with its pure and wholesome liveliness. The closing statement that is delivered by Savage The Girl echoes the summertime imagery that has permeated the track and surmises the underlying core of the song as she states: “It can be so easy to look up into the sky and overlook the sun, because you can’t stop thinking about how it was night-time not too long ago, but don’t let the darkness bring you down baby”. As we come closer to the summer months following second consecutive lockdowns across the country, ‘Wonderful Day’ is undoubtedly the track that encompasses all of the strange emotions surrounding this period. But as Scruffs and Savage The Girl make clear, it is important to treasure each and every day we are given to live.

Vocal Mix & Master by Xiro (@xiro_aus)

Scruffs Photo by @nikita_eves

Savage The Girl Photo by @cacheone

Words by Matthew Badrov

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