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REYKO! doesn’t miss on latest song ‘One Way'

Melbourne-based artist REYKO! has continued his impressive year by dropping an absolute banger of a song called ‘One Way’. The song delves into themes of resilience, love, insecurities, and notions of self-worth, as he stops at nothing to get the special someone of his dreams. REYKO! does a fantastic job of moulding the terrific production around the main message of the track, making for yet another sublime tune from the young up-and-comer. When you meet that special someone in your life, they’ll make you realise it was all worth it.

‘One Way’ is more than just a song for Melbourne artist REYKO!. It is a declaration of love and coming to the realisation that this special someone is truly one in a million and worth treasuring. The title, ‘One Way’, is REYKO!’s ode to leaving everything behind - that established life of normality and safety for a life of love and freedom, illustrating that he is willing to give anything for his soulmate. The track’s message is poignantly captured through the lyrics: “You’re not even here, I feel your presence in my mirrors“, which speaks to REYKO!’s deeply intimate love for this significant other, one that makes him see outside of himself. This acts as the catalyst to purchase that one-way ticket as it shows that this person is always on his mind, no matter the situation. He conveys that not only is his studio the sanctuary that allows his music to come to life, it is a place that facilitates his own soul-searching in an effort to overcome his insecurities about missed opportunities to express his love. However, he expresses that he is able to escape the barriers of his mind to persevere and take that leap of faith.

Furthermore, what elevates this song and amplifies it is the production, as it allows for REYKO!’s emotions and words to be deeply resonated with all-throughout the track. We hear the use of a piano throughout the song which adds that calming influence and complements the soft-natured voice of REYKO!. Also adding to the complexity and depth of the production was a smooth free-flowing beat along with some starry synth notes that, combined with the piano keys, create that impressive foundation for REYKO! to kill this song. The short piano solo at the end of the song is the perfect way for the track to end, its mellow and relaxed nature assures that final serenity to the song, almost alluding to the listener that all the chaos and hard work in getting to that end goal of being with that special person was worth it. Undeniably, with ‘One Way’, REYKO! has unsheathed a significant layer of vulnerability to listeners on what is a fantastic tune.

Photo - @shotbydumar

Cover art - @delilah.bloome Mastering - @ayotraee Production - @iambubbauno and @heavykeyzz

Words by Joachim Subramaniam

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