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RECOMMENDS: LATE NIGHT DRIVE ft. Hunny Lala, Isadora, Colcci, Maya Hirasedo

In this week’s ‘WAEVZ Recommends’ segment, set the mood for a ‘Late Night Drive’ with 4 immaculate artists you’re guaranteed to love. Filled with hip-hop and R&B tunes made to chill out the mood, each of these artists bring something unique and authentic to the Australian scene. Hunny Lala’s debut ‘Dem Goonz’ explores her desires for love and loyalty, while Sydney’s Isadora takes a dip into toxic R&B to establish her self-confidence. An inter-state collaboration between Sydney and Brisbane sees the cheeky ‘Sneaky Link’ come together, while Melbourne’s Maya Hirasedo is down for the ride on her tender debut EP entitled ‘Times I Fell’.


Recommended Tracks: ‘Dem Goonz’

Canberra-based artist Hunny Lala debuts with the catchy ‘Dem Goonz’, a huge first track that sees the varied artist explore her vocal ability and versatility. Spitting bars, she uncovers her desire for a genuine relationship filled with loyalty and pure trust. It is here where Lala showcases that she’s not interested in materialistic relationships and strictly lusts for a genuine connection. Hunny Lala’s effortless word play and angelic vocals make the track so addictive and it’s perfect for those late night sing-alongs. The track encompasses elements from both hip-hop and Afrobeat production that cements Hunny Lala’s fearlessly independent approach to music. Formally known as LANI, her talent has not disappeared but it’s evident she’s coming to the scene with a fresh style, aura and attitude that I’m so keen to see more of.


Recommended Tracks: ‘You Can Have Him’ / ‘Final Dance’ / 'But Friends Don’t Do This’

I think we all can agree that toxic R&B in moderation is essential, and Isadora’s ‘You Can Have Him’ is your next fix. The singer's divine melody is instantly intriguing to the ears and lyrically on this track, she does not hold back, exposing her man's showing of reticence in the relationship - “And to think she’s the main, oh she knows she's the side”. Isadora asserts herself as a a happily self-assured onlooker in the situation to ensure that in this game she will not be played, comfortably reiterating that both parties stay looking dumb. “Fuck the competition, no I don’t do the chase”. Although she relentlessly establishes her self-confidence and self-worth on ‘You Can Have Him’, above all the Sydney-based artist is adamant on protecting herself from getting hurt again. Isadora’s discography is the place to be if you want to keep those unapologetic thoughts alive.


Recommended Tracks: 'Sneaky Link'

Ay Colcci this is fucking wavy. This inter-state collaboration sees iconic Sydney-based producer Colcci and rapper Hooks team up with Goodna’s Lisi, to create the ultimate ‘Sneaky Link’ anthem. Colcci has played a huge part in pioneering new sounds within the Australian hip-hop scene and he has now continued to cement his name even further with this track ‘Sneaky Link’. Hooks and Lisi always stay killing it. Specifically on this track, Hooks’ witty and creative wordplay that calls on TLC references and uses intricate similes further showcases the extensive talent that the rapper has to offer. And undoubtedly, Lisi’s voice and bars are guaranteed to bring a new dimension to any track he features on. On ‘Sneaky Link’, Lisi’s verse just perfectly closes and encompasses this vibey banger. Debuting with his own trap wave style vocals, Colcci has homed this track immaculately well, igniting that sensual trap sound with heavy bass. This is just the perfect song to blast on the way to your sneaky link’s crib.


Recommended Tracks: ‘Put It Down’ / ‘Safe with You’ / ‘I Know’

Melbourne-raised Maya Hirasedo has beautifully crafted her debut EP entitled ‘Times I Fell’ that includes tracks submerged in honeyed lyricism, a sensual aura and outright masterful vocals. The first track ‘Put It Down’ explores the singer's emotions in attempting to explain why she feels that magnetic connection with her special someone - “You fixed my broken heart that’s why I need you baby”. The Neo-soul and R&B tune falls perfectly in the ‘Late Night Drive’ category for when you’re sick of hiding your feelings and ready to confess your love. Maya Hirasedo just continues to amp up the local R&B scene, and with her deepend perspectives and diligent lyrics, she truly is on an unstoppable path.

Hunny Lala Photo 1 & Photo 2 by @burrowsdigital

Isadora Photo 1 by @dacshots

Colcci Photo 2 by @shotbypetros

Maya Hirasedo Photo 1 @yesyesjalapeno

Words by Violet Murphy

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