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r.em.edy overcomes a past relationship by knowing her worth on ‘Questions’

Melbourne artist and producer r.em.edy has released her brand new single ‘Questions’ which thoroughly exemplifies her vocal timbre and mastery. ‘Questions’ explores the toxicity of a past relationship and the audacity shown by this former significant other to try to walk back into r.em.edy’s life through the use of manipulation. The release marks r.em.edy's first of 2022, and has us excited for what is set to be an incredible year for the up-and-coming multi-talented artist.

r.em.edy demonstrates her vocal versatility by using techniques such as vibrato, glissando, and rhythmic variation which augments the overall track. The song implies that the person is sly and unloyal, however r.em.edy recognises her self-worth in spite of the love she still feels: “Jealousy ain't the best remedy for you”. Jealousy is a recurring theme in this song which is the consequence of mistreating someone in a relationship and is accentuated through the production quality and captivating energy of the song. In this track you can hear the raw emotion r.em.edy is conveying in order to caution the listener to be cognisant of the red flags in a flailing relationship.

In this track, which was produced by r.em.edy and BALARAM, and mixed and mastered by MixedByTrae, we see that contrast is a central feature and is present in the lyrics and production. ‘Questions’ starts with the chiming reverberation of the bells that gives a feeling of despair and obscurity which suits the overall melancholic mood. The song alternates from two repeating chords, symbolising the cyclical nature of the toxic relationship described in the song.

The chorus has a dense sound with a sustained synth and bass which contrasts the percussive quaver beats with delay and reverb. There are soft dynamics in the verse with the lo-fi keys, and the subtle beat in the background which builds up leading to the chorus with louder dynamics. r.em.edy demonstrates her immense vocal ability through showcasing her unique vocal tone and showing it off with her elegant phrasing and vibrato. There are constant changes to her flow, from fast to slow phrasing which allures the listener and demonstrates her technical ability. Overall the melodic, harmonic and rhythmic elements create an excellent piece to start off the new year and we are excited to see where r.em.edy’s art will take us in 2022.

Photo 1 by Rachael Vowles (@rachael_vowles)

Photo 2 by Jardine Dylan (@ripoldkingjardine)

Mix & Master by @ayotraee

Words by Byron Zeledon-Torres

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