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R&B sensation Becca Hatch captures the intricate nature of relationships on 'Safety'

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

South-West Sydney’s Becca Hatch is a rising star that continuously impresses us with her new wave R&B tunes. ‘Safety’ marks Becca’s second single of 2021, a dynamic New Wave R&B track with elements of Dance and Melody. Becca has collaborated on some riveting tracks with Sydney legends like B Wise and Planet Vegeta throughout the past year, cementing her position as an adaptable and sophisticated vocalist. The young artist has been inspired by arguably some of the best global R&B acts like Frank Ocean and Pharell Williams, taking that inspiration and using it to mould her own sound within a growing scene in Australia. Relationships are genuinely complicated and we can at times question a loved one’s loyalty and true intentions

Becca Hatch has expertly crafted an impeccably balanced track that explores both the complexities of all relationships whilst adopting a rhythm and dance tempo for people to vibe to. The young artist captures the many important factors of relationships and the expectations we set on the people that we love and care for. From young we are taught that respect and love is a two-way street, and Becca uses this opportunity to examine some of her relationships in order to question the real intentions behind the people that she holds close. She makes it evident that although the world has its own agenda and that sometimes, we can’t help but be distant from one another, there will always be genuine love and connection; “You know you can call for me from miles away, I’ll find a way to love you”. Becca’s vocal performance on the track is superb, with the opening offering some slow and luscious melodies that then transitions into a fast-paced and harmonic approach towards the end of the track.

The multi-layered production from Solo, ChunkyLuv and Willstah is conceptual, upbeat and provides the perfect ambiance for Becca to lay down her vocals. The polished electric guitar loop throughout the track adds a sonically pleasing touch and I assume that has ChunkyLuv written all over it; the man is a wizard when it comes to playing the guitar. Some fast-paced drums are introduced into the mix to create an upbeat tempo, assuring the perfect vibe for a boogie and a dance. There are some faint yet prominent instrumentals in the track that make for a surreal dreamy mood, particularly from the bridge onwards. It is fantastic to see so many talented creatives come together and play on their strengths to create a highly enjoyable track that contains exemplary replay value. Summer is dawning on us and the lockdown is about to end, get your dance shoes ready and let’s go for a boogie.

Production by i.amsolo, Chunkyluv and Willstah

Words by Maroun Ghossain

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