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PRODUCER SPOTLIGHT: JCAL, Sid Mallick, Structured Beats & R.F.P

Without a doubt Australia’s production scene has stood out over the past few years with plenty of producers making strides overseas and locally. In our latest ‘Producer Spotlight’ segment, we are highlighting four producers and engineers who have been helping to push the Australian scene to new heights and to elevate their community through their talent. Perth’s JCAL is a dedicated West Coast native whose influence in shaping the state’s inspiring momentum cannot be understated, whilst Melbourne’s R.F.P is an internationally recognised DJ and producer with the production nous of a veteran. Out of Sydney, Sid Mallick is a youngster with the abilities to help put the world’s eyes on Australia, whilst self-confessed lover of local hip-hop Structured Beats stands out as a gifted producer and initiator behind the freestyle series ‘ON THE ROADS’ which aims to uplift the scene’s deadliest rappers.


A well-entrenched cog in the Perth music machine, JCAL can be seen producing for the likes of West Coast artists Mali Jo$e, Otiuh, Shadow and Toyotomi Hideyoshi among many others. What makes JCAL special is on full display across Mali Jo$e’s debut EP ‘Hours b4 Sunrise’, but in particular on the tracks ‘3:59:59 AM’ and ‘i ain’t scared to die soon’ which he co-produced alongside Outlnd, OJC43, Max Black and Abraham Tilbury. The building, solemn keys in tandem with the reverberating bass on ‘3:59:59 AM’ is like nothing I’ve ever heard in the Australian scene. It speaks to the connection that JCAL has with these artists that they are able to create something so distinctly special and sonically original in its makeup. Furthermore, JCAL’s (positively) head-splitting and ear-piercing production on Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s hyperpop-drill fusion ‘Risky’ is one of my favourite instrumentals of the year so far. JCAL is taking hip-hop and trap as we know it to unique heights, and we are absolutely here for it.

Sid Mallick

A producer, songwriter and artist with music an engrained part of his internal fabric, Sid Mallick has already left an indelible mark on the Australian scene from an early age. Having moved from Bangalore, India to Sydney at the age of 8, the up-and-comer has proven himself to be able to provide his best work each and every time as a producer and engineer for some of the biggest acts in the scene. Just listing off the tracks he’s had a hand in will leave you nodding your head in affirmation. From Nerve’s contagiously bouncy ‘DFRNT’ (mixed), to Sahxl’s empowering ‘PICK YOURSELF UP’ (co-produced alongside Eiby), to Saitxero’s dynamic and uncanny ‘GHOSTS’ (co-produced with Foreign Drip), and of course Manu Crooks’ anthemic ‘Where You Gonna Run’ (produced, Sid is able to procure beats that perfectly strike a balance between being unconventional and being perfect to build an incredible song from. In addition, his solo work displays a natural capacity as an R&B vocalist with a penchant for festival-ready serenades.

Structured Beats

A self-described ‘Prince of the Culture’, Structured Beats is behind the ONROADMEDIA media platform and the ‘ON THE ROADS’ freestyle series where his lethal production is on full display for the likes of Tallboyshort, The GP and PURGE to go to town on. His natural ability as a rap producer is on full show in The GP’s freestyle where his echoey synths and unrelenting drums combine to allow The GP to hit every bar with tenacity. However, the Sydney-based producer and engineer is equally capable of producing an afrobeat beat as he is a trap, rap, drill or R&B instrumental. Structured Beats’ versatility demonstrates his own deep-rooted love for all kinds of music – but in particular hip-hop and its offshoots. The dedication he has in aiding in the growth of the scene whilst effectively honing his own craft and helping to develop artists for the future ensures that he is one to keep an eye on over the next few years.


Melbourne-based DJ and producer R.F.P is undoubtedly a formidable force within the Australian hip-hop scene. Having collaborated with the likes of Jesswar, Nooky, Mitchos Da Menace and Brisbane’s Imperial Collective, as well as international acts like DigDat, Pete & Bas and M24, R.F.P sets himself apart as a producer seemingly armed with the production nous of a seasoned veteran. His love for thumping drums and relentless instrumentals allows artists who jump on his beats to channel the exact emotion they’re wanting to evoke through his pinpoint production. Such a notion is exemplified through his work on both Jono and Jose Poly’s drill-rap combination ‘Hit My Line’ and Jesswar and Erica Banks’ impressive homage to Rihanna ‘BAD LIKE RIRI’. For both tracks you can tell R.F.P is having the time of his life making something that’ll have heads bopping and mosh pits readying, and it is that authentic love for his craft that shines through and allows him to deliver the sophisticated beats he does.

Photos by @yoitsfeebs (JCAL Photo 2), @aywy & @moistmark (Sid Mallack Photos 1 & 2)

Words by Matthew Badrov

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