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Perth's X4nder completes song trilogy about accepting heartbreak with his latest single 'Dominos'

Perth-based artist X4nder has released the final song in his collection of three singles capturing the development of heartbreak.

“This song is the finish to my little trilogy of ‘sad songs’,” he explains. “The three songs together will represent the development of heartbreak, basically.”

X4nder’s music is raw and heartfelt with most songs from his discography seeking to break down emotional experiences that are relatable to a wide range of people. Being able to connect with his listeners and share narratives they can sympathise with is a primary goal of the up-and-coming artist. And X4nder’s new single ‘Dominos’ is no different, presenting both an engaging sound and story.

The heartbreak trilogy began with ‘In My Exhaustion’, the first song X4nder released on Spotify after having his music available only on SoundCloud. He describes this song as being particularly special being his first Spotify release which, at the time, allowed him to take the next step in his music career.

“‘In My Exhaustion’ is a realisation of heartbreak and coming to terms with the actions of yourself or the other person in a relationship that is now over,” X4nder says.

‘What They All Say’ is the second song in the trilogy and presents a hurt individual who believes toxicity in relationships is what love is supposed to feel and look like.

“This song shows a version of myself who has accepted and now thinks: “Okay, this is what some girls do. This is how relationships in my life will go”,” X4nder explains.

He describes his newest release ‘Dominos’ as the final song in his trilogy of accepting the agony of a breakup: “This song is also about acceptance, but to an even deeper level than ‘What They All Say’.”

‘Dominos’ is about being fed up with the notion of love after being played around by people with ingenuine intentions. X4nder’s lyrical honesty allows him to illustrate the inauthenticity of the relationship he describes by likening it to a fictional story, as he sings: “Lights, camera, action, our interactions were just you and I acting”. The track begins with a gentle guitar rift before the 808 kicks in joined by the lyrical melody.

The clean, sweet quality of X4nder’s voice captures the full attention of his listener, attracting them to engage with the story he shares. The song is named after the domino game pieces, referring to when people set them up to fall against each other as he sings: “We like dominos, you fall for someone else.” ‘Dominos’ is not only meaningful, but also catchy with a melody and lyrics that are too irresistible to not have on repeat in your head.

In addition to creating soulful melodic rap music, X4nder was the mind (and hand) behind the cover art for all three songs in his trilogy of ‘sad songs’. “I designed and hand drew [the drawings] then put them on my computer,” he says, solidifying his creative ability and versatile talent.

There is no doubt ‘Dominos’ has left X4nder’s audience eager for new music and projects from the rising Perth artist in the near future.

Words by Liv Declerck

Cover art by X4nder (@x4nderrrr)

Park photos by @livxdeclerck

Concert photo by @idyllicvisual

Song production by Jean Parker (@mixedbydinje)

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