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Perth’s Pezet drops his trap single ‘IS IT WORTH IT’ about love and commitment

Perth’s Pezet has released his newest single ‘IS IT WORTH IT’, a heartfelt discourse laid out on a moody fusion of trap and drill. The track opens with piano notes played in a minor key to lay the emotional foundation of the song. In spoken words Pezet talks, reiterating the tone of the song, saying, “All this pain I’m feeling, is only temporary. I always remember the sun rises tomorrow.”

The song embodies the phrase ‘hard-hitting’, with its melodic trap beat and lyrics about a first romantic relationship. ‘IS IT WORTH IT’ also contains slivers of lyrics referencing the stereotypical rapper lifestyle, allowing the song to fit into the trap genre. Confirming this comingled theme of new love and trap, in the chorus Pezet raps, “Fuck, girl, I’m still learning. I know I be lit, that’s one thing for certain.”

Pezet says he was experiencing falling in love for the first time meaning he was newly exposed to the hardship of commitment relationships demand. The very first line of his new single immediately shares his mindset, as Pezet raps, “Is it worth it? New commitment’s kinda making me nervous.”

“In the verses, I touch on how I was feeling mentally and a little story of my hardships and expectations that came with love,” he says. Pezet certainly demonstrates his immaculate flow and lyrical talent within ‘IS IT WORTH IT’ and additionally showcases his ability to switch genres and still produce a quality song. His vocal ability is commendable as he raps swiftly, but clearly so that listeners can still make out his every word.

The track was produced, mixed, and mastered by Max Power, with the clever production and layering of sounds facilitating Pezet’s delivery on the trap beat. Pezet speaks on branching out of his usual sound, explaining, I wanted to show versatility overall with the track and show I can do anything that’s put in front of me. I took a drill beat and put my own spin on it making it my style. I’m always trying to touch base with many genres.”

When Pezet announced his new single on Instagram last week, he ensured to mention his promise in the caption to drop music more consistently, so it’s safe to say there is more to look forward to from this steadily rising Perth talent.


Produced, mixed and mastered by @maxp0werz Cover art by @theizzypackard

Photo 1 by @bettercallbruce

Photo 3 by @ohmydays_film

Words by @livdaangel

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