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Perth duo amor. partner with Mali Jo$e for all-WA collab ‘scars'

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Perth duo amor. have released their second single of the year entitled ‘scars’. Comprised of Perth musicians Outlnd and Dylan Guy, the track features fellow Perth-based artist Mali Jo$e on what is his first feature since the release of his recent outstanding EP ‘Hours b4 Sunrise’. The track delves into issues of love, mistakes and lessons whilst offering an insight into the frailty of the human condition. Mistakes are the lessons you learn on the way to finding love.

The song, almost delicate in its nature, is a true testament to the realisation of love, which is in stark contrast to one’s initial reaction to the title ‘scars’. The scars act as a metaphor for the mistakes that amor. admit to having made on the journey to love, with each wrong decision resulting in the addition of another scar. Yet it is these wounds that ironically provide the most wisdom as they have ultimately ushered them onto the correct path towards love and happiness. From the outset we are greeted with some almost angelic-like vocals from one half of amor. Outlnd. His ability to manipulate his own vocal range and apply it to different sections of the song is fantastic, with each change in pitch representing a unique feeling or mood that he is going through. We are taken on this journey of self-reflection with him as he highlights and calls himself out for not acting in the correct way, and getting caught up in a lifestyle that wasn’t where he was meant to be. However, it is the euphoric, saviour-like figure of love that acts as the ultimate catalyst for change, allowing him to learn from these scars and heal.

Mali Jo$e’s verse is the perfect feature for this song. The young Perth artist switches up the vibe with an expertly-crafted verse that is characterised by his distorted and heartfelt lively trap delivery. His lyrical skills mesh intimately with the overall message of the song as he states: “Love causes you to jump straight into the deep end”. This unequivocally shows the effect that not only love can have on someone but how it causes you to act. The production from the other half amor. Dylan guy is phenomenal. The intricate use of the piano is quite gentle, with each key effortlessly played as it trinkles off his fingers and immediately sets the mood for the song. The smooth and mellow piano combines exquisitely with a moody R&B beat that allows both artists to shine. To round out the song we see a final plea from Outlnd as he states: “Would you be my limelight, would you stay in my life”, which ultimately acts as the last roll of the dice at love and a fresh start.

Production: @dylan.guy

Mixed: @yvngda_

Mastered: @chunkyluvstudios

Charcoal Art: @damienmcharles

Words by Joachim Subramaniam

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