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Perth-based artist Anesu releases powerful second single ‘Crown’

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Perth’s Anesu has delivered an exceptional follow-up to their debut single ‘Black Girl’ which embodies themes of embracing self-empowerment, fearlessness and strength in the face of oppressive powers outside of one’s control. The track, entitled ‘Crown’, pairs the explosive and energetic production by Rhys Hussey with Anesu’s immense multi-faceted grasp of flow, delivery, vocals and lyricism. ‘Crown’ sees Anesu lyrically unravelling a system that seeks to constrict and control its people in order to satisfy its own gain and greed.

The track’s intro is accompanied by an introductory quote, whereby a voice expresses that:

“If you can’t have perfect love without having a society that will guarantee that someone won’t get unloving and take over again; and hold; and grab; and push others down. See there has to be a structure – that’s a long time coming too.”

It is a pertinent excerpt of dialogue which encapsulates the underlying mistrust that Anesu feels towards a system that operates in a cyclical manner that ultimately benefits very few. From there, wonderfully sampled backing vocals lead in to the track’s explosive opening chorus that will rattle the soul and enliven the spirit to be fully attentive to Anesu’s message. The chorus on ‘Crown’ is clear and direct, and Anesu nails it with their emphatic vocals and the reaffirming repetition of “Taking the crown”.

‘Crown’ radiates an urgency which becomes the crux of the track as it takes shape as Anesu’s heartfelt tribute to those who have fought against nefarious, myopic forces outside of their own control. The accompanying video clip encompasses the track’s themes wholeheartedly as it depicts Anesu alongside their closest friends coming together as a collective and smiling in the face of the external pressures and trauma that weigh on the younger generation. The track and video point to the fact that this generation aren’t here to be held down by the past or present, they’re here to stand together against the despotic forces that attempt to forge a stranglehold on their everyday: “Divide, take lives, conquer but won’t listen, fed up with the villains, fed up with the system”. And ultimately, ‘Crown’ leaves the listener with the feeling that Anesu is going to continue to bless the world with their beautiful, boundary-pushing music for years to come.

Photo 1 - Mario Veloso

Photo 2 - Bernice Jiang

Words by Matthew Badrov

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