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PANIA & Unamii callout the mistakes of past relationships on ‘LETHIM4ALL’

Fresh off the back of her sensual anthemic single ‘Tiki’, Melbourne’s multifaceted R&B starlet PANIA has joined up with dynamic Brisbane artist Unamii to deliver a subversive love-worn ballad entitled ‘LETHIM4ALL’. The single sees PANIA bridging the alternative R&B stylings that have earnt her well-deserved acclamation from across the scene and beyond, with the technical platform of a drill beat provided by perennial PANIA collaborator and production wizard Hamley. The addition of Unamii sees the Swish Music collective member adopting a rap flow to emphasise the savagery of her bars when recounting this past one-sided relationship.

Having cultivated a universal and versatile sound through her own unbound talent and fearless approach to music-making, PANIA has hooked listeners in yet again with the release of ‘LETHIM4ALL’. Traversing a range of flows to convey the fluctuation of her emotions in this relationship, the Melbourne-based artist brings her signature R&B flavour to the track whilst demonstrating undivided emotion in attempting to reconcile with the actions that cost her a significant love, admitting: “I was doing dirty while he never did me wrong”. Compounded by guilt, PANIA acknowledges her own misreading of the full extent of her self-healing and readiness to allow love in, a love which saw this former special someone seeking the safety of her embrace as oppose to the heartbreak that ultimately came to be. PANIA’s second verse sees the Melbourne artist diving deeper into the cause of this relationship downfall by implementing a drill flow which is enhanced by ominous vocal production in order to effectively callout her own actions.

By contrast, Brisbane’s Unamii ardently puts a hefty distance between a past relationship and where she is now in her powerhouse verse, “I’m too far gone I don’t care for your hurt”. Furthermore, Unamii reaffirms her own self-worth by reiterating the unapologetic energy that she returned serve with against this former lover – “I am the sauce, I am the fire, I had him losing his mind” – having reminded this former partner of how they committed all of the wrongdoings in the relationship first, in spite of their insistence otherwise, “how is you mad when you did it all first?”. The track speaks not just to Unamii’s impactful rap delivery, but moreover to PANIA’s own maturity and honesty as an artist willing to explore her own toxicity that came about in the face of a potentially fruitful relationship, an undeniably admirable trait that allows greater connection with listeners seeking authenticity and relatability.

Photo by @jadedamico

Words by Matthew Badrov

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