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‘No Bonnie N Clyde’ reaffirms that KAHUKX has plenty of energy to bring in 2022

KAHUKX is bringing in serious heat with his second single of 2022, ‘No Bonnie N Clyde’, the follow-up to his successful debut track ‘Due Time’. Having previously sampled Billie Eilish and Khalid’s collaboration ‘lovely’ on ‘Due Time’, KAHUKX has maintained continuity by utilising a sample of Måneskin’s infectiously catchy track ‘Beggin’ on his latest single.

‘No Bonnie N Clyde’ plays around with the idea of toxicity in relationships and KAHUKX’s personal experiences of it. A lyrical example in the track is conveyed through the bar: “I could go play all those games that you play, but I know you know that I know you love playing em”. KAHUKX explores this theme with his tenacity through his lyricism and freight train-like delivery consistently throughout the track. The Sydney rapper goes against the frequently cliched references artists use to American criminal couple Bonnie and Clyde in pop culture by blatantly dismissing the idea of duality in success. “Sweet one wanna come like Bonnie, but sorry I can’t be your Clyde''. KAHUKX has no need for a ‘Bonnie’ in his current and future prospects of success. This indepence is accentuated through his confident and convictive tonality portrayed in his delivery both musically and lyrically.

KAHUKX showcases his virtuosic melodic flow by diversifying rhythms and rests which work to create contrast throughout the whole track. He demonstrates his exceptional ability to have an arc to his rap that is developed through ad libs and doubling of vocals. KAHUKX perceptively accents specific lyrics on the strong beats of the measure and locks in with the beat of the song, ultimately creating a polyrhythmic feel. KAHUKX’s vocals and flow is the main component of this track and is executed with finesse and rhythmic style.

Produced by ShoBeatz, the track starts off by combining a manipulated sample of the original track’s acoustic guitar and high octaves of Måneskin’s vocals. Following that, the supplementary beat comes in shortly after and sits so smoothly with the sample creating perfect rhythmic displacement almost alluding to latin inspiration of rhythms. KAHUKX enters strongly with his bold and dense vocal timbre aligning with the primary drill beat with heavy bass and ancillary rhythms. The acoustic and intimate vibe of the sample juxtaposed with KAHUKX’s vocal timbre creates a conceptually complete Aussie drill track. Undoubtedly though, KAHUKX is developing his own style with a melodic approach that differentiates from the quintessential Aussie Drill sound.

Words by Byron Zeledon-Torres

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