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NEW ARTIST DISCOVERIES: Yung Ta, Grco, Napoleon and Amaliah

Updated: May 5, 2022

The Australian music scene has been bursting with new energy, fresh voices and strictly bangin’ tunes for some time now. Hip-hop and R&B is now on the rise, and we’re seeing artists from all states and territories taking over the Australian scene. This year, artists have taken inspiration from a variety of genres from across the whole world to experiment with new sounds, beats and vocals to pave their own distinctive path down under.

Volume 7 of our New Artist Discoveries series explores a range of genre-spinning artists. Sydney R&B trap artist Yung Ta delves into the complexities of love on ‘DANCEFLOOR’. South Australia’s Grco drops an insightful tune on what hustling really means. All the way from Perth, Napoleon links up with Shadow and Numba9ine for a hardcore drill track entitled ‘Live From The Six’. And, you’ll fall crazy in love with Amaliah’s smooth and angelic ‘ENERGY’. Continue for the full breakdown below!


Genre: R&B X Trap


State: NSW

On the come-up, Yung Ta is a multifaceted artist who has a knack for fusing cold bars with a melodic flow alongside melancholic trap beats to make it his own distinct sound. The Sydney-sider’s latest release ‘DANCEFLOOR’ explores the cyclical nature of falling in love and going through heartbreak. Whilst falling in love is a surreal emotion that everyone finds difficult to describe, Ta has managed to voice love’s fluctuating nature, whilst embracing his inner hip-hop, R&B and trap influences. The beat flows succinctly with Yung Ta’s melodies that somehow gets me excited for heartbreak so that I can experience this absolute tune as it's meant to be heard.


Genre: Neo-soul X R&B

Song: 'Trials, Tribulations, Trauma’

State: SA

Introducing natural born hustler and South Australian R&B singer Grco. The vocalist's most recent single ‘Trials, Tribulations, Trauma’ telescopes the listener into the dark world of chasing your dreams. Grco’s impeccable lyricism highlights how difficult it is to maintain healthy relationships and friendships while working towards your goals. Slowly losing herself in her grind, Grco realises that she needs “someone who loves [her]” to create a purpose. The multi-layered production on this soulful track complements the singer's voice perfectly, accentuating the transparency of her message. For more R&B tunes about the complications of love and the hustle, Grco is the one to hit up.


Genre: Drill

Song: 'Live From The Six’

State: WA

Am I a shy nineteen year-old or am I the hardest roadman in Perth? ‘Live From The Six’ pops off with a hyper beat, taking huge influence from hardcore U.K Drill. Napoleon, alongside fellow WA rappers Shadow and Numba9ine, has crafted the relentless ‘Live From The Six’, a track that is bound to leave that punching bag worse for wear. By spitting his cold and sharp bars Napoleon has stamped his name in the Australian hip-hop scene as a rapper you won’t want to interfere with. And his malicious and vengeful lyricism further emphasises his entrenched musical talent. Be right back, blasting ‘Live From The Six’ with my foot on the pedal doing 180kmph.


Genre: Contemporary R&B

Song: 'ENERGY'

State: NSW

Amaliah’s release ‘ENERGY’ is an immaculate track. Accompanied by layered acoustic instrumentals and angelic melodies, ‘ENERGY’ explores the magnetic feeling of falling in love and how difficult it can be to pull away from it. While love can be blissful, it comes with many one-sided complexities that the R&B vocalist expresses wholeheartedly: “Yes I love your energy, but do you love me right back”. ‘ENERGY’ was released as a part of Amaliah’s debut EP entitled ‘5:45’, a project which explores various sides of love including foolishness, trust and self-affirmation. Amaliah’s unique and independent sound is one to put on your radar for some soul-feeding melodies. I’ve got some Amaliah on the speaker and I’m ready to ascend into a cloud full of lush vocals and calm spirits.

Grco's Photo by Christina Toulantas (@by__ct)

Napoleon's Photo by @blindsidehein

Amaliah's Photo by @44calmedia

Words by Violet Murphy

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