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Our latest ‘New Artist Discoveries’ piece includes four dynamic acts whose music you need to explore immediately. Featured this week is four artists based along the East Coast who demonstrate a desire and commitment to staying true to themselves completely in their music. Sydney artist Yasmina Sadiki follows up her immense debut ‘June’ with the equally as captivating ‘Can’t Get Through’, whilst Melbourne-based artist KVNYL showcases his versatility and intention to conjure new sounds through ‘WAY UP’. To wrap it all up, Queensland-based artists Say True God? and SOLCHLD emphatically show-off the best of their abilities on ‘Wicked’ and ‘Cancer Moon’ respectively.

Yasmina Sadiki

Genre: Soul X R&B

Song: ‘Can’t Get Through’

State: NSW

‘Can’t Get Through’ sees Sydney’s Yasmina Sadiki owning her feelings of longing for a special someone whose selfishness impedes any chance of a fruitful relationship. The track, just Yasmina’s second single, resonates because of the young artist’s search for clarity and answers in a situation that could’ve been simply rectified with transparency. On this song, Yasmina’s talent as a vocalist shines as she undertakes her vocal stretches, harmonies and vibrato with sheer ease. Her natural sophistication within a soul sound, mixed in with the rawness of her lyrics, is emblematic of an artist who can negotiate the uncertainty of life’s challenges fearlessly and defiantly in her music. Yasmina Sadiki has found her voice, now she just wants you to find yours.


Genre: Alternative R&B X Rap

Song: ‘WAY UP’

State: VIC

If you’re looking for a roaring, rousing chorus to take you away from those inevitable feelings of self-doubt, listen to Melbourne-based artist KVNYL’s latest single ‘WAY UP. Featuring Emile Battour and production from PG-13, ‘WAY UP’ typifies the collaborative spirit that sets KVNYL apart as an artist who is always open to making the genre-defying, raw music that he does. The track sees KVNYL leaving listeners in awe at his capacity for jumping between pulsating rap flows and pain-ridden, fiery vocals with complete and utter effortlessness. KVNYL is introspective on the release, willingly identifying the existence of chaos unfolding around him and using the track as a way of demonstrating his ambition to journey through the madness with self-assurance. We cannot recommend this one enough.

Say True God?

Genre: Rap

Song: ‘Wicked’

State: QLD

‘Wicked’ sees Say True God? impressively reissuing the beat from Georgia-based rapper JMB Juvie’s track ‘Wicked’, but instead producer Dimes utilises the calmness of Juvie’s mid-song humming as a consistent aspect of the instrumental to signify a clarity in Say True God?’s own headspace. For the artist based north of Meanjin, ‘Wicked’ represents Say True God? putting his heart on his sleeve (as he always does) and delivering a lyrically empowering performance where he reaffirms that his pursuit of music is ultimately for the future growth and prosperity of his loved ones. Say True God? is reminding listeners that he’ll never be held down by his pain, rather he is determined to overcome it in order to guide those that come after him.


Genre: Soul

Song: ‘Cancer Moon’

State: QLD

Meanjin-based artist SOLCHLD typifies an elegance in her sound that is arguably unfounded elsewhere, a notion which is accentuated by the listening experience one undergoes whilst being healed by the sonic coziness of her debut release ‘Cancer Moon’. SOLCHLD takes the listener through an intimate and deeply spiritual relationship journey which experiences fluctuations in love. Lyrically, SOLCHLD evokes plenty through her words, such as when she expresses: “These emotions like oceans and I’m in so deep but, you can’t swim, I’m calling out”, which conjures a feeling of reassurance in SOLCHLD offering her hand to the one she loves in spite of the trepidation and uncertainty that may lay ahead for both. Pay close attention to the vocal layering and instrumentation of the finale which concludes this track perfectly.

Yasmina Sadiki Photo 1 by @oliwensing, Photo 2 by @b4bygirlchanel

KVNYL Photo 1 by @shotbydumar, Photo 2 by @ellasheldoncreative

Say True God? Photo 1 by @hazealieu, Photo 2 by @jamespaul_blacklabel

SOLCHLD Photos by @max_conaghan

Words by Matthew Badrov

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