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NEW ARTIST DISCOVERIES: Voose Pablo, Gemma Navarrete, Pri$m & TARKiN

With new artists emerging every week in the Australian hip-hop and R&B scene it is almost impossible to keep track of the abundance of upcoming talent here in Aus. Volume 12 of our New Artist Discoveries series showcases 4 new acts who are all paving their own lanes in the music scene. Western Australia’s Voose Pablo and New South Wales’ TARKiN share their perspectives of youth and love on their latest releases, Western Sydney’s Gemma Navarrete rids her life of negative energy and diverges into finding her self-worth on ‘Same Shit!’, while Melbourne’s Pri$m debuts with a heartfelt track about self-awareness.


Genre: Rap

Song: 'Feels Right'

State: WA

Western Australia's Voose Pablo has continued to propel his own lane in the Australian scene with his latest eclectic single ‘Feels Right’. With a laid-back voice like no other, the multifarious Voose Pablo has not only written a masterful tune on the process of falling in love, but he has also produced a nostalgic instrumental to accompany the track. You can always count on Voose Pablo to be honest and vulnerable with his wordplay and on ‘Feels Right’ he does just that, opening up about those cheesy and unavoidable feelings that come with falling in love as he speaks on knowing he’s found the one as it just ‘Feels Right’. The production kicks off with high-pitched horns that immediately ignite a feeling of that old school kind of love. It ‘Feels Right’ to enjoy the simple things in life like indulging in a blissful, wholehearted tune like this latest one from Voose Pablo.


Genre: R&B / Neo-soul

Song: 'Same Shit!'

State: NSW

‘Same Shit!’ is only Gemma Navarrete’s second release thus far and you’d be correct in saying that she is anything but generic. Delivering a vibey ambient track fueled by powerful femininity, ‘Same Shit!’ showcases her opaque flair for individuality. The proficient West Sydney artist blesses the ears of listeners with her suave vocals that undeniably flourish in this latest single. Reflecting on her constant overthinking and self-doubt, Gemma re-establishes her self-worth and realises that her partner’s continuous unimpressive and crummy behaviour is the complication in the relationship. Learning about herself and the purgative power of letting go, the R&B vocalist is patently fearless when it comes to freshening up the Australian R&B scene, adding her own hints of the Spanish language and modern Italian instrumentals into the song to distinguish her identity as an artist.


Genre: R&B

Song: ‘Told You’

State: VIC

Debuting with a fiercely honest confession, Pri$m discusses the struggles of relinquishing magnetic feelings on his first release ‘Told You’. On this single we are introduced to the Melbourne singer’s undeniably mastered vocals as he transcends us into a celestial cloud of music. The R&B vocalist’s lyrical transparency allows listeners into his introspective thoughts on his past relationship, taking lucid accountability for his own actions as well as attributing blame in the relationship. For a debut single, Pri$m not only has a mature talented voice, he also brings an advanced perception of love to the table, highlighting that the growth of perception and self-awareness is the crux of human growth. The production incorporates an acoustic guitar to further create that touching, soulful aura that is powerful enough to make you shed a tear. Pri$m’s debut heartfelt track is no doubt the start of many soulful releases and with a voice like his we will undeniably be seeing more from this star in the making.


Genre: Trap X Rap

Song: ‘Sugar Cookie Pack’

State: NSW

Switching up the vibes and radiating strictly hype energy, TARKiN reflects on being young, reckless and free. On ‘Sugar Cookie Pack’ listeners are given insight into who TARKiN is as an artist - loyal, honest and someone you can count on to “keep it real because [he’s] not an actor”. The production and mix of this track is one to applaud as TARKiN’s vocals fuse fluently with the trap production. At the end of the track the beat is spiced up, adding a section of slowed reverb instrumentals to deepen the track even more. Freshen up that party playlist with TARKiN’s latest release ‘Sugar Cookie Pack’.

Voose Pablo, Photo 2 By @justbrain.shots

Gemma Navarrete, Photo 1 By @ppecotich Photo 2 By @andew_

Words by Violet Murphy

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