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NEW ARTIST DISCOVERIES: Tallboyshort, Sharin Tamimi, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Aye F

With new artists popping up in the scene every week, we felt it was about time we put together another 'New Artist Discoveries' post to put you on to some incredible talents. Our latest edition of our 'New Artist Discoveries' segment features two acts from Sydney, and two acts from Western Australia, with each bringing their own unique approach to the Australian scene.

Hailing from Sydney, Tallboyshort has steadily risen as one of the wisest rappers coming up, with a penchant for evocative lyricism that gets to the root of his subconcious, and his latest release 'Same Excuses' is powerfully emblematic of this. West Australian contemporary R&B and soul artist Sharin Tamimi instantly had us captivated by her talent and vocals on 'Distance', whilst fellow WA artist Toyotomi Hideyoshi brought a distinctive spin to the drill genre on 'Risky' that we were completely floored by. And finally, representing Western Sydney is Aye F with his latest R&B anthem 'Abandoned Love'.


Genre: Rap

Song: ‘Same Excuses’

State: NSW

You can instantly gauge the emotive mood Tallboyshort is looking to create on ‘Same Excuses’ through the use of raindrops falling down a window alongside those emotive piano keys, and that especially heartbreaking hook. The Sydney-based artist breaks down his struggles with attempting to fill an internal emptiness through vices, which is further compounded by seeing those he’s trusted most switch-up on him in an instant. There’s impressive layers to ‘Same Excuses’, particularly in how Tallboyshort breaks down the excuses that run through his brain. From blaming a system that sets him up to die anyway: “Head’s in a spaceship I’m ready to dip, we’re all dying in a matrix and dead in the script”, to realising he’s done with everything and everyone holding him back: “All you jealous haters are thinking about the foot up, I’ve been sick of playing these games I don’t wanna put up”. This one hits hard.

Sharin Tamimi

Genre: Contemporary R&B X Soul

Song: ‘Distance’

State: WA

On her latest release, ‘Distance’, West Australian artist Sharin Tamimi’s immaculate, entrancing vocals transcend the listener into a euphoric state of enchantment. As a listener you’re left in awe, the effect of which is further amplified by the swelling bass reverberating amongst Sharin’s harmonisations. Sharin speaks to feelings of alienation and disconnection she attributes to being caused by a significant other who has detached themselves from her, and further expresses her wish to be reassured that this relationship will last in spite of the extreme time and space between her and them. More than anything, I’m just thankful fellow WA artist Cruz Patterson recommended Sharin to us on our ‘favourite Perth artists’ post last week. On a day when you’re feeling all sorts of emotions about that special someone, get your headphones on, play ‘Distance’ loud, and let it sink in.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Genre: Drill

Song: ‘Risky’

State: WA

I can assure you, you’ve never heard a drill track like this. The multifaceted Toyotomi Hideyoshi has been putting in plenty of work over on the West Coast, and his latest explosive track ‘Risky’ is as firm an example as one could find of an artist setting his intentions to send shockwaves throughout the scene in 2022. Hideyoshi’s delivery and wordplay on ‘Risky’ is succinct and emphatic, never retreading or taking a backwards step from bringing pure heat to this beat. Speaking of, JCAL’s production links impressively with Hideyoshi’s delivery, with the WA producer experimenting with hyperpop-style electronic screeches and ominous piano keys to both give added character to the drill drums and to signal a beat switch-up. One thing’s for sure, after hearing ‘Risky’ we cannot wait to see what Hideyoshi is bringing to the table in 2022.

Aye F

Genre: R&B

Song: ‘Abandoned Love’

State: NSW

Hailing from Western Sydney, Aye F is a talented young artist with a knack for delivering authentic expressions of genuine pain and struggle through calming, sincere vocals. His latest track, ‘Abandoned Love’, sees the young up-and-comer attempting to mend his own broken heart after the fallout of a relationship. The catchy, but heartwrenching lyrics depict Aye F using music to heal from the pain leftover by this relationship, a facet which is encompassed through how deep the emotional wounds are for him: “I’ve been abandoned, I was raised like that, I’ve been stranded, they leave away like that”. Undoubtedly, Aye F is blessed with a naturally emotive voice that’s perfect for soothing any kind of heartbreak you’re going through. This is definitely one for when you’re in your feels.

Words by Matthew Badrov

Tallboyshort Photo 1 @bole.syd

Tallboyshort Photo 2 @durtbagdan

Sharin Tamimi Photo 2 by @odifazwin

Toyotomi Hideyoshi Photo 1 by @timekogawf

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