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To kick-off our write-ups for 2022, we wanted to start with our latest ‘New Artist Discoveries’ piece in order to reflect the incredible range on offer in the Australian hip-hop, R&B and new wave music scene. Hailing from cities right across the country, these four artists are just some examples of the limitless talent that is developing in the scene each and every week.

Coming up from Sydney city, KAHUKX has exploded onto the scene with his debut track ‘Due Time’. Released just as we entered the new year, the song is the first step in what is sure to be an insane 2022 for the young artist. Melbourne’s SJAI provides emotional relief for that special someone on ‘Yours’, a release which signals a new era for the captivating R&B vocalist. Fellow Melbournian Moe. will leave you hooked on his sensual R&B jam, ‘See You Later’, whilst West Australian artist AYCID brings his effortless flow to the ominous ‘6 DAYS’.


Genre: Drill

Song: 'Due Time'

State: NSW

Representing Sydney city, KAHUKX has sent an instant shockwave through the scene by bringing his own dynamic spin to drill in Australia on his debut track ‘Due Time’. The track reflects KAHUKX’s drive to achieve success in order to create a better life for himself and for those around him. For KAHUKX, there’s no time to relax or waste opportunities until he sees his loved ones thriving. The pain KAHUKX speaks on is accentuated by the production featuring an emotional vocal sample, which is made all the more emphatic as a melancholic violin replicates the vocals to close out the track and leave the listener hit hard. And by combining a piercing delivery with an effortless flow throughout the track, the young up-and-comer is letting the scene know that he’s here to fulfill his ambitions no matter what.


Genre: R&B

Song: 'Yours'

State: VIC

Enchanting vocal harmonisations glide and float through the track’s opening, providing the listener with an immediate sense of the warm and comforting track that is set to unfold. ‘Yours’ sees SJAI conveying her love for a special someone through the promise of giving everything of herself to this person. SJAI is calling to this person from afar, and seeking that they bring their walls down and allow themself to be vulnerable. ‘Yours’ marks what SJAI has referred to as a new era for herself, and if the track is indicative of the incredible work that is set to come from this new direction, we’re certainly looking forward to being captivated by her voice for the foreseeable future.


Genre: Hip-Hop

Song: '6 DAYS'

State: WA

‘6 DAYS’ is the latest release from West Australian rapper AYCID. Not distinctly classic hip-hop, or even classic Australian hip-hop, AYCID infuses his own unique dominative energy into the dark, ominous boom-bap beat with his delivery and wordplay. The beat packs a dark and ominous punch, with AYCID being frank with every word he spits. The West Coast rapper tackles living a life where you’re never at ease; “Laying low, double phones in my pocket g”, and one where trust in your surroundings is minimal; “I feel alone ‘cause I got no one around, feel like I’m swimming in the deep end if I stop then I’ll drown”. It’s raw as fuck and hits hard.


Genre: R&B

Song: 'See You Later'

State: VIC

First listens of a song rarely hit me in the way Melbourne artist Moe.’s ‘See You Later’ emphatically did. Patented with a barebones approach that sees him making everything on his phone, Moe. combines his natural vocal ability with a lackadaisical energy on ‘See You Later’. The track is dedicated to finally getting to be with that special someone who you’ve been away from for far too long. The production is simple but luscious, ensuring a mood-setting vibe with each and every listen. For that crossover of contemporary and classic R&B aesthetics, take some time out to absorb the absolute tune that is ‘See You Later’.

Words by Matthew Badrov

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