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Volume 13 of our ‘New Artists Discoveries’ series sees 4 emerging hip-hop and R&B artists embracing their powerful feminine presence through their music. 2 Sydney gems, Honey and Ashli both break down their desires for a healthy romance and the vitality of self-belief on their latest tracks. While Melbourne acts SHRETA and Kiddo fearlessly stamp their ground and express what they need from a partner and from their musical journeys on ‘Need Luv’ and ‘Volume’.


Genre: R&B

Song: 'The Way'

State: NSW

This suave track from Sydney-based R&B artist Honey, will elevate you into a state of pure bliss and ignite that euphoric feeling of being intertwined with another's soul. ‘The Way’ hones in on the feeling of being so deeply connected with another person that you forget that the world around you even exists. The use of acoustic instrumentals on the track calls for an instantly calming aura that pairs perfectly with Honey’s vocals to further reflect the tranquility you can find within that special someone. ‘The Way’ is just one of Honey’s songs that sets a heavenly serenity and her discography is loaded with more.


Genre: Neo-soul

Song: 'Only One'

State: NSW

Popping-off with her debut single ‘Only One’, Ashli’s heavenly vocals are effortlessly up for show, making it impossible not to fall in love with her latest track. The Western Sydney based neo-soul singer instantly displays some of the most compelling songwriting skills we’ve seen in the scene, as she breaks down the perplexing voices in her head. Ashli is convinced that her introverted personality is what is holding her back from falling deeply in love. Trying to convince herself that being confident is the only way to change her fantasy into a reality, Ashli’s angelic vocals emphasise to listeners that chasing love requires vulnerability.


Genre: Rap

Song: 'Volume'

State: VIC

Continuing to be entirely authentic to herself, Melbourne rapper Kiddo has fused her razor-sharp bars with a drill beat to further radiate her bad bitch energy. Serving as a powerful and punchy banger, Kiddo makes it clear to all listeners that her hustle is her only objective as she has no time for any disputes that might interfere with that. Having released a joint album with GMC and Johnny Narcotics earlier this year, Kiddo has increasingly demonstrated her lyrical capabilities as a rapper, and is now continuing the momentum with her first solo release of 2022. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself turning up the ‘Volume’ on this track.


Genre: R&B

Song: 'Need Luv'

State: VIC

Melbourne’s SHRETA always finds a way to diversify her seraphic vocals - using instruments that facilitate traditional R&B sounds to mellow soul to pop-fusions, SHRETA is the queen of versatility and on ‘Need Luv’ she continues to do so, uniting modern R&B and Afro-fusion. ‘Need Luv’ sees SHRETA vulnerably sharing her desire to find a love that keeps her in check with someone that reciprocates the same audacious energy as her. She signifies that in past relationships partners have been selfish and neglectful of SHRETA’s desires and she will no longer settle for the bare minimum. ‘Need Luv’ is another among many of SHRETA’s wavy tunes that you’ll undoubtedly find yourself vibing to.

Honey's Photo 1 By @saisha_photography

Ashli's Photo 1 & 2 By @j4cinthe

Kiddo's Photo 1 by @andrewfaramphotography, Photo 2 by @iamchrisreign

SHRETA's Photo by @chlosubia

Words by Violet Murphy

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