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NEW ARTIST DISCOVERIES: Givitimy, Lambi, Cloud Dstrct, Can Okan

On this latest edition of our ‘New Artist Discoveries’ series your ears will yet again be blessed with some of the freshest hip-hop, R&B, soul, and new wave music coming out of Australia today. With genres forever expanding and diverging to create an unlimited amount of avenues, in this week's selected 4 you’re guaranteed to find a track you’ll love. Sydney’s Givitimy showcases his vocal capability on ‘Blind Leading the Blind’, whilst the self-affirmed “Greek princess of South Brisbane '' Lambi debuts with a soulful R&B track made for soothing the ears. Cloud Dstrct links with fellow Perth artist Adam Ricci and Kayps for a ruthless and electric track entitled ‘Pablo’, while Sydney artist Can Okan opens up about love and trauma on his latest track ‘If Only’.


Genre: Hip-Hop

Song: 'Blind Leading the Blind'

State: NSW

Sydney based up-and-comer Givitimy has released his debut track entitled ‘Blind Leading the Blind’. By exploring the cyclical trap of surrounding yourself with small-minded people, Givitimy effectively displays that his lyrical prowess is already well-honed at this early point in his career. Even with this being his first-ever release we are able to hear his tone fluctuate seamlessly during the track, from melodic rapping to singing to ruthlessly just spitting his shit, he makes it sound as if there are 3 different artists on ‘Blind Leading the Blind’. Givitmy’s flow and ability to fuse his own sounds together is fucking incredible. The Campbelltown artist is set to release his second track ‘Sound Off’ tomorrow on the 4th and I’m hanging out to hear it.


Genre: Soul X R&B

Song: 'Numb'

State: QLD

Referring to herself as ‘the Greek princess of South Brisbane’, Lambi’s nourishingly soulful R&B track ‘Numb’ serves as almost a reminder to her future self of how incredibly low a certain individual left her feeling. Opening the song with the lyrics “I refuse to say we were together that way”, Lambi is immediately transparent with her audience and is unafraid to express her raw emotions. Through ‘Numb’, the singer has cemented herself as a woman who’s moving on from a toxic past and is set on reclaiming her self-worth. Honestly, I'm so grateful that Lambi is releasing music because I’ve genuinely fallen in love with her vocals.

Cloud Dstrct

Genre: Hip-Hop

Song: 'PABLO'

State: WA

Uniting the West Coast, Cloud Dstrct has collaborated with Adam Ricci and Kayps to create ‘PABLO’, an absolute banger that has me turning the volume all the way up. On the track Cloud Dstrct establishes his work ethic as one that no one can compare themselves with, expressing: “I’m at my peak, I don’t know my limit”. And it’s clear throughout the single that these 3 Perth rappers are pushing their way through the Australian scene to make it to the top. The production on this track is absolutely wild, with Latin trap accents, sound effects of falling bullets and fast-paced high hats combining to create a unanimously frenetic atmosphere. The track concludes with the calming sound of crashing waves to form a tropical soother to end the vibrant fast-pace track.

Can Okan

Genre: Rap

Song: 'If Only'

State: NSW

Sydney’s Can Okan dives deep into his innermost thoughts and feelings on his latest drop ‘If Only’. Through his lyricism, Okan provides listeners with an insight into his dark past as he utilises the track to uncover a traumatic experience. Okan proceeds to showcase that some things you experience are so impactful and therefore remain unforgettable no matter how old you get, conveying the lyrics “Darkest secrets, unshareable” to illustrate this. Whilst the track analyses why his perception of love will always be tainted, the energy of the track’s production is slightly higher to signify a healing process for the rapper. Through 'If Only’, it is clear as to why Can Okan has a need and desire to proudly represent and push the Australian scene forward. And we are absolutely here for where he takes it.

Givitimy Photo 1 @rafflores.hypereel Photo 2 @jadedamico

Can Okan Photo 2 @marku.s

Words by Violet Murphy

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