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NEW ARTIST DISCOVERIES: Franco Faris, No Intent, Oshua & Luvelle

Featured in this week's edition of our 'New Artist Discoveries' are four completely unique acts within the Australian scene. Hailing from Sydney, Franco Faris had us spellbound by his vocal talent and authentic lyrics on 'I Don't Know', whilst Western Sydney's No Intent delivered with their always impressive unconventional hip-hop on 'Art of War'. Perth artist Oshua had us swept up in the catchy energy of his latest release '8Bit Baby', alongside Melbourne's multifaceted Luvelle who took us through a deep feeling of heartbreak on 'Need You More'.

Franco Faris

Genre: R&B

Song: ‘I Don’t Know’

State: NSW

Franco Faris’ first official release for 2022 immediately caught our attention in large part because of how unique it sounds when compared to its contemporaries. The slow-paced R&B track sees Franco dealing with the uncertainty that comes with being in love and yearning for that ideal moment in a relationship where all of one’s insecurities and doubts subside because of the authenticity of the love. He further goes on to express concerns about his own ability to return the same love, questioning his significant other by pondering: “What do you even see in me, cause I don’t even know what I see in me”. The backdrop of trickling electric guitar notes and sensual drums sets the mood for what is a refreshingly honest R&B track that is accentuated by Franco’s entrancing vocals.

No Intent

Genre: Hip-Hop

Song: ‘Art of War’

State: NSW

Be advised, No Intent’s music isn’t for the fake and weak-minded. The versatile pairing out of Western Sydney are committed to balancing their rich depth of inspirations and sharp creative intuition with every release, and ‘Art of War’ is no different. The track, produced by West Sydney’s Skep, features the duo playfully dismembering the egos and forces who consistently look to oppress their Western Sydney community, whilst illustrating how their creative spirit has kept them enlivened in the fight against these nefarious powers. Along the way, Skep’s menacing beat keeps your head-bopping as you take in the incisive lyrics and that impeccable hook. Continually, No Intent have proven to be the complete artistic package, with their raw visuals, costume design and ambitious production complimenting their fearless approach to music-making. We suggest you get around them right away.


Genre: Trap X Pop

Song: ‘8Bit Baby’

State: WA

This one will hit you with feelings of nostalgia and an innate desire to lunge into the moshpit at the exact same time. Perth’s Oshua has always displayed a desire to evolve and develop his sound with every release, and through ‘8Bit Baby’ he’s demonstrated the serious work he’s been putting in. ‘8Bit Baby’ utilises an arcade-themed beat to echo Oshua’s own incessant drive and self-assured energy which operates in the same vein as the characters he played as. Through this single, Oshua has crafted a catchy tune that allows him to reaffirm to listeners why he’s well and truly slept on. Moreover, Oshua embodies the sophistication and maturity of an artist who is well in-tune with the type of music he wants to be making, and that undoubtedly assures that the listener will be coming back for more after every listen.


Genre: R&B

Song: ’Need You More’

State: VIC

Released in October last year, ‘Need You More’ directs the listener’s attention solely on to Luvelle’s love-worn vocals and pain-ridden delivery, with the production instead acting to build a subtle, dreamy base for Luvelle to shape his floating, ephemeral vocals on. The young Melbourne-based artist uses ‘Need You More’ to evoke the search for clarity he was left with after a relationship fell apart. Packed with introspection, ‘Need You More’ allows Luvelle to break down his own efforts to amend the distance between he and this special someone, while further elaborating on one’s self-defeating tendency to choose self-sabotage over a fulfilling love. It is loss that drives this track, loss of a potential love that could’ve made the woes of the world a little better. And for that reason, it certainly hits deep.

Words by Matthew Badrov

Photos by @linsufilms, @jonathan_tumbel, @benji.b, @ben_lumsdon & @bamitssam

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