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NEW ARTIST DISCOVERIES: DOSS & Nino Pa' Piu, Jade Kenji, Mr Rhodes & IDES

We’re bringing back our ‘New Artist Discoveries’ segment in order to showcase four versatile rap tracks that have caught our eyes and ears over the past few months. Representing the West Coast is Perth rappers DOSS and Nino Pa' Piu bringing their distinct energy on their recent release 'Keys', whilst Lismore-born, Sydney-based rapper and producer Mr Rhodes alludes to Terry Gilliam's 1998 cinematic drug-fuelled surreal adventure 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' both in-name and sonically in his track 'Fear & Loathing'. As we head down to Sydney, soulful rapper Jade Kenji tackles overcoming shyness and making moves on the dancefloor with 'Tell Me the Time', whilst IDES brings along Vinsins and STUE for an ode to life in the Harbour City with '97s'.

DOSS, Nino Pa’ Piu

Genre: Rap

Song: ‘Keys’

State: WA

Having collaborated on all of their releases thus far, from their debut EP ‘SEDGE CRT DREAMING’ to recent release ‘Keys’, Perth rappers DOSS and Nino Pa’ Piu are presenting themselves as a formidable presence in an Australian rap scene craving that intricate balance of bars and bravado over soulful boom bap beats – however there is defiantly more to them than that. The combination of Nino Pa’ Piu’s distinctly deep, booming cadence alongside DOSS’ confident and unapologetic bars makes ‘Keys’ an infectious listen as you’re left instantly self-assured in taking on whatever life throws at you afterwards. Producer THREAT injects a lush edge onto the instrumental by sampling Alicia Keys’ ‘You Don’t Know My Name’ against the head-bopping drums, providing DOSS and Nino Pa’ Piu with plenty of fuel to fire off bar after bar with undeniable swagger.

Jade Kenji

Genre: Rap X R&B

Song: ‘Tell Me The Time’

State: NSW

‘Tell Me The Time’ impeccably showcases Jade Kenji’s natural capacity for balancing rap and R&B, with the track marking her first follow-up to 2021’s collaborative EP ‘Maroyaka’, a project constructed alongside Sydney producer Kase Avila that harkens back to old school R&B and hip-hop. And that old school flavour is pleasantly well-entrenched into ‘Tell Me The Time’, a single about wanting to move to the person that’s caught your eye on the dancefloor but needing the DJ to back you up. Jade’s true-to-form soulful vocals radiate a warmth and wonder that provide comfort to the listener, as even when she admits to her own shyness in the hook she opts to be playful and self-aware, as opposed to frustrated and self-critical, reminding the listener to take on life in the same manner. Produced by Kase and Gary Dryza and released alongside a colourful and entrancing video clip, it’s fair to say that you’ll be grateful to have this track stuck in your head for some time afterwards.

Mr Rhodes

Genre: Rap

Song: ‘Fear & Loathing’

State: NSW

Lismore-born, Sydney-based rapper and producer Mr Rhodes traverses the blurriness of a night out on his latest single ‘Fear & Loathing’. The track’s sonic surrealism invokes the drug and alcohol-induced imagery from the eponymous 1998 film of the same name with Mr Rhodes providing a stream of conciousness style run-through of the night’s proceedings. The production is bouncy and trippy, but still assuring – like a well-overdue hazy sesh where you’re still capable and poised enough in your decision-making to take you to wherever the good times are. And whilst the production gives the track its unparrelleled sonic aesthetic, Mr Rhodes’ lyrics are precise and detailed, bringing the listener along on a journey that is likely to be difficult to remember the day after. Mr Rhodes is undoubtedly doing it different, and we're excited to see what worlds he stops over in on his next release.


Genre: Rap

Song: ‘97s’

State: NSW

Sydney rapper IDES has tapped fellow Harbourside rappers Vinsins and STUE to trade lyrical blows aimed at fakers and ill-equipped rappers on ‘97s’. Packed with references throughout to the iconic Nike Air Max 97s, ‘97s’ follows on from the tone set by IDES and Vinsins’ 2020 collaboration ‘Sydney’ through the reflections each artist makes on their day-to-day life in the city of the same name. IDES sets the mood with a snappy hook that’ll without a doubt remain timeless well into the future, before handing it off to Vinsins and STUE who prove they are equally adept as each other in calling out the shifty behaviour of those people that keep them from striving in the hustle. The lingo is in full force here, making for a track that is distinguishable as a proud Sydney anthem. IDES’ verse bridges the features as he struts his wicked and dynamic drill flow and a cadence that is well-and-truly like no other. Get around this ASAP.

Photos by @ericpaulgoldie / @fivestardonuts (Doss & Nino Pa’ Piu Photos 1 & 2), @aemyn (Jade Kenji Photo 2) @gorman5495 / @nicalderton (Mr Rhodes Photos 1 & 2), @er.ic_s (IDES Photo 2)

Words by Matthew Badrov

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