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NEW ARTIST DISCOVERIES: Demetrius.TheTribute, King Ivy, Narakel & LNG

Our ‘New Artist Discoveries’ segment has returned with four inspiring acts who are pushing musical boundaries within the Australian scene. Brisbane’s Demetrius.TheTribute showcases their exceptional versatility and moody artistry on ‘Attached', alongside fellow 4K act King Ivy who recently shined on his debut release ‘Complicated’. Hailing from Sydney, multifaceted artist Narakel delivers an ode to internal conflict and escaping the hustle on ‘Angelo’, whilst up-and-coming Melbourne talent LNG merges the worlds of R&B and pop to great effect on ‘Morning’.


Genre: Alternative R&B X Hip-Hop

Song: ‘Attached’

State: QLD

Driven by a desire to leave their mark on multiple genres within the scene, North Brisbane based artist Demetrius.TheTribute has landed in the Australian scene with aplomb in 2022. Playing with traditional R&B and hip-hop styles, Demetrius demonstrated their original approach to music-making instantly on their debut release ‘Attached’. Exploring feelings of mistrust that have emanated from exes who opt to speak ill on Demetrius’ name, the single is a riveting display of the duality of attachment that illustrates their immense grasp of style and substance. Lyrically, Demetrius’ words traverse both their desire for quick satisfaction and immediate relief to numb the pain of a broken heart – “Tryna mend a broken house with some new ass” – and the obsession they feel for someone new who similarly appears perched to break their heart. To add to an already stellar first release, the production from Dimes is dynamic and oozing with an eclectic energy which accentuates Demtrius’ moody, down tempo vocal performance.

King Ivy

Genre: Alternative R&B

Song: ‘Complicated’

State: QLD

Arriving in style last Thursday courtesy of a wickedly catchy chorus, ‘Complicated’ is the irresistible debut single from Brisbane-based artist King Ivy. Equal parts R&B ballad and emotional post-mortem into the lingering feelings Ivy feels over this special someone, ‘Complicated’ is coolly delivered over intelligent production by Dave Hammer and Kiosk Productions which features lively drums, vibrant guitar work, and a suave bassline. Not only is ‘Complicated’ a veritable banger, it assuredly gives King Ivy the platform to take on an approach to alternative R&B that has arguably gone untraversed within the Australian landscape. Furthermore, Ivy’s grasp of melodies and song structure points to an individual who understands how to strike the intricate balance of having the necessary ingredients of a resoundingly enjoyable track and a clear authenticity and identity as an artist. Truthfully, it feels like King Ivy is unearthing wholly uncharted territory in the alternative R&B landscape within Australia, and we are more than here for it.


Genre: Alternative Hip-Hop X R&B

Song: ‘Angelo’

State: NSW

Earlier this year Sydney artist Narakel released his single ‘Angelo’, a track which took an introspective route through the young up-and-comer’s past, present and future. The rousing single provides Narakel with the opportunity to both convey his artistic flexibility and to navigate the internal conflict that comes from wishing to break free from your current situation. Therapeutic in its sonic makeup, the song causes one to question how necessary it is to sacrifice your morals in the pursuit of escaping one’s day-to-day life. The soulful sampling on the track is exquisite, and in tandem with Narakel’s composure in his flow and lyricism, gives the track a timeless feel that is a testament to the young artist’s maturity and understanding of rap as an artform. As a further showing of his versatility, ‘Angelo’ is distinctly separate from Narakel’s debut single ‘ion4’ which features boisterous hyper pop production, however it is consistent in Narakel’s use of assured vocals and delivery to keep the listener grounded despite the chaos – something which is emblematic of the approach he is taking as an artist. One thing’s for certain, we cannot wait to check out Narakel’s latest single ‘georgia’ when it drops this Friday.


Genre: R&B X Pop

Song: ‘Morning’

State: VIC

‘Morning’ is the third offering in 2022 from Melbourne based artist LNG, a fledgling talent blessed with an already well-refined artistic skillset. Subversive in its sound, ‘Morning’ details LNG’s efforts to move on from a significant other who seeks to find a way back into his life via the same old lies and phony apologies. Listeners who have undergone a similarly one-sided relationship will resonate with LNG’s experiences, however the track’s infectious production by Inbloom will have them stirred and inspired to take on the day regardless of what it throws at them. Arguably the track which most effectively merges the familiar with the unique best across his three releases so far, ‘Morning’ further reaffirms LNG’s inimitable presence within the Australian scene and serves as a significant indication of the quality to come from the young talent.

Photos by @riorosano (Narakel Photos), @peka.jpeg (King Ivy Photos) & @ruffpops (Demetrius.TheTribute Photos)

Words by Matthew Badrov

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