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NEW ARTIST DISCOVERIES: Apollo Fontane, VV Pete, Ike(from)Pluto & SaxONLY

With the Australian scene delivering incredible music each and every week we’ve returned with four artist’s tracks that you need on your rotation immediately. Beckoning us into his world of deep inward-thinking and creatively unfiltered musicality is Sydney’s Apollo Fontane, who last week released his mixtape ‘Rubaiyat, Vol. 1: Ides of March’. Fellow Sydney act VV Pete has debuted with the unapologetic ‘Bussit’ to remind her haters that they aren’t getting in her way. Furthermore, Canberra’s Ike(from)Pluto speaks from the heart with assurance and lyrical devastation on ‘you’ll see’, alongside Corowa artist SaxONLY who nails the perfect balance of an emotional banger.

Apollo Fontane

Genre: Jazz Rap

Song: ‘The Score’ (ft Nes Afara)

State: NSW

Sydney artist Apollo Fontane has released his new mixtape ‘Rubaiyat, Vol. 1: Ides of March’. Featuring contributions from Jay Cooper, Finbar Stuart and Nes Afara, alongside executive production by Hatch, the mixtape unsheathes Apollo’s mental curtains to subsequently unveil his innermost introspections in a divine musical fashion. ‘The Score’, featuring the aforementioned Nes Afara, isn’t just a testament to Apollo’s wicked lyrical precision but similarly his capacity for multilayered bars. For example, the dual-meaning behind the lyrics “time waits for no man, gotta change the program” evoke this, as Apollo warns himself and others to not get caught off guard. ‘Ides of March’ reaffirms the rise of Australia’s new wave of hip-hop thinkers, with Apollo’s arrival reflecting his unlimited potential.

VV Pete

Genre: Rap

Song: ‘Bussit’

State: NSW

‘Bussit’ is the official debut release of Sydney-based artist VV Pete, and as far as first singles go, it’s an irresistibly good time. With sleek production from UTILITY, ‘Bussit’ gives VV Pete the opportunity to call out the fake peoples and copycats that have tried to set her off course. However instead of being bothered by them, VV Pete assuredly remains unfettered in the face of their insecurities and inability to match her style and finesse. Furthermore, ‘Bussit’ is as much about allowing VV Pete to confidently speak out against her haters as it is to inspire pride in listeners to just be themselves. Finally, we highly recommend seeing VV Pete live as soon as you can, as her set during Culture Shock’s and 1NCE AGAIN’s ‘CTRL ALT’ event was nothing short of incredible.


Genre: Alternative Rap

Song: ‘you’ll see’

State: ACT

‘you’ll see’ is confident, unapologetic and distinctly Ike(from)Pluto. The Canberra-based artist and producer has continually proven himself to be a refreshing presence in the Australian scene and further reaffirmed this with the release of his magnetic debut EP ‘(like it’s) stolen’. ‘you’ll see’ serves as the lead single from the project, setting the tone with every line Pluto delivers crashing into the listener with an undeniable swagger that compliments the song’s grainy sonic aesthetic and surreal production. Pluto’s drive is to prove his doubters wrong by being assuredly himself and planting his heart firmly on his sleeve – “Misunderstood am I smart? I ain’t in books I’m in hearts”. Sydneysiders can catch Pluto live at his show The Landing this Saturday alongside a stack of incredible acts.


Genre: Trap X Pop

Song: ‘Late Nights’

State: NSW

Hailing from Corowa in regional NSW, SaxONLY (formerly known as TheKidSax) has levelled up with every release he’s put out. ‘Late Nights’ explores Sax’s experiences with determinedly putting in the hours for his craft and overcoming self-doubt in order to stay true to his vision for his future. The earnest vocals, combined with the energetic and frenetic production symbolise the overthinking and rummaging of thoughts keeping Sax up at night. Moreover, the young up-and-comer’s musical intelligence is abundantly on display here, with the active piano keys that lead into the crushing distorted production of the chorus arranged excellently to allow Sax to convey himself to the fullest emotionally. If you’re needing that high energy emotional tune to add to your playlist, ‘Late Nights’ is exactly that.

Photos by @adamscarfphotography / @ar.chive_ (Apollo Fontane Photos), @farnozz (VV Pete Photos), @kamarakreative / @weak_soy_mocha (Ike(from)Pluto Photos), @dannydraxx (SaxONLY Photos)

Words by Matthew Badrov

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