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NEW ARTIST DISCOVERIES: 9months, Teal, Elsy Wameyo & CIP.Leon

First and foremost, we always want our ‘New Artist Discoveries’ pieces to reflect the versatility of sounds and voices that is present in this scene. And we feel that in Volume 11 of the series we’ve certainly struck a balance of incredible local acts for you to get your ears around immediately. Featured on this week’s ‘New Artist Discoveries’ is a NSW trifecta, with Newcastle's 9months debuting the gloomy but gorgeous ‘John Briley’ and fellow Sydney artist Teal helping listeners to ascend in a moment of love on ‘HER’. Following on from that, Adelaide-based artist and producer Elsy Wameyo battles inner frustrations on ‘River Nile’, whilst Wollongong’s CIP.Leon conveys the importance of staying authentic to yourself on ‘F*ck em all’.


Genre: Dark R&B X Electronic

Song: ‘John Briley’

State: NSW

9months is developing a sound that has been birthed from a relentless desire to push the limits of his creative expression. Even with ‘John Briley’ as his debut, you get the feeling that no one song released by the Newcastle artist after this is going to be sonically identical. The inspiration behind the track is that of the eponymous John Briley, a 43-year old sound engineer who was captured in a photograph (named ‘The Falling Man’) depicting his descent from the Twin Towers on 9/11. Repeated throughout the song are renditions of the lyrics “I could jump right now, but will I fly?”. It’s nihilistic, but not necessarily cynical, rather 9months is raising questions of whether liberation and catharsis can be achieved in death. Producers Domba and Prynce have crafted a multi-layered track that features a shimmering distorted bass, crashing drums and subtle acoustic guitar notes, each perfectly suited to compliment the mood created by 9months in his delivery. Fittingly, 9months elects to culminate the track with two samples; that of a voice message and a quote from Andre 3000 in discussion with Rick Rubin about his wish to have all of his success taken away in order to simply feel normal. It is reassuring to have an artist like 9months be so open in his music, especially to ultimately guide others to self-healing.


Genre: Neo soul

Song: ‘HER’

State: NSW

With ‘HER’, your attention is instantly held by a captivating flute and Teal’s wistful opening vocals that establish a poignant feeling for the musical beauty you’re about to witness. Undoubtedly, Teal has steadily built up an impressive repertoire up to now as a result of the versatility that can be found across her discography, but ‘HER’ is a truly special track that allows the listener to transcend above the woes and worries of the world around them to simply be present. Teal’s voice glides throughout ‘HER’, with the Sydney’s artists harmonies coming to the fore in a dreamy, surreal combination of light drums, energetic horns and soothing, ephemeral vocal layering. It’s a wonderful ode to looking to that special someone for reassurance – “If anything should happen, look at her” – and has had me in awe since its release.

Elsy Wameyo

Genre: Alternative hip-hop

Song: ‘River Nile’

State: SA

If you haven’t heard ‘River Nile’ yet, you’re well and truly missing out. Produced, written and performed by Adelaide-based artist and producer Elsy Wameyo, the 2nd single off of her upcoming debut EP ‘Nilotic’ speaks to the significance of finding power within oneself to step out of a place of frustration to ultimately lead change from within. It is an assured listen that features Elsy demonstrating her impressive ability to effortlessly switch-up between quick-fire, composed rapping and enchanting vocals. Hailing from the Nilotic tribes of Kenya, Elsy infuses her cultural heritage into her music, with ‘River Nile’ featuring soulful backing harmonies, a crescendo of varied instrumentation and references to her journey from her home country to Australia. The digitised and lively production runs rampant throughout the track, providing a non-stop energy that is immediately contagious for the listener and keeps you coming back again.


Genre: Hip-hop X R&B

Song: ‘F*ck em all’

State: NSW

The latest track from Wollongong artist CIP.Leon is a testament to being true to oneself in spite of the talk, hate, temptations and doubt you endure from the outside world. Entitled ‘F*ck em all’, the single represents the Wollongong artist’s evolution and natural knack for procuring a banger, whilst giving him the opportunity to question the phoniness and inherent fakeness he sees around him, “Why they acting like they know me?”. The song’s raw sound is elevated by CIP.Leon’s honest and deeply felt vocals, as he testifies to his own reslience in the face of the stresses and challenges created by those external to his journey that are trying to set him off of his course, “Fake whip friends, I’d rather be real and lonely”. This track is for those who need reassurance that everything they’re doing to better themselves is ultimately what sets them apart from the rest.

Teal Photo 1 by @kotasatoo

Elsy Wameyo Photo 1 by @visionbyalain & Photo 2 by @jefferson.ofesi

Words by Matthew Badrov

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