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Mike Wang offers the world to that special someone on 'What It Do'

Mike Wang has released ‘What It Do’ from his latest mixtape ‘Sweet & Sour’, the follow-up to his two projects that were dropped earlier this year. Mike uses a variety of instrumentation throughout his mixtape but uses neo-soul guitar chords and rhythms specifically in ‘What It Do”. This combination of rap beats and neo soul style instruments are becoming more prevalent in the music scene and this is shown in ‘What It Do’. Mike has ended the year off strong with ‘Sweet & Sour’, and is continuing to develop as an artist and improving with each release through his versatility and innovation. We are looking forward to seeing what Mike Wang brings in 2022 especially with his lyricism and music production.

On this track, Mike writes about the dynamics of the chase, specifically for that special someone, by showing that he is above the rest of the competition. This is demonstrated musically through his confident triplet vocal flow and syncopated phrasing which perfectly suits the vibe of the song. Mike has a unique style which is heard in the verses where he spaces out his delivery to provide an exceptional rhythmic direction. Fundamentally, the overall mood of the song’s instrumentation and lyrics perfectly suit the meaning that the South-East Melbourne artist is portraying.

The track begins with a neo soul guitar riff followed by a rhythmically strong beat that is complimented by Mike’s flow. With the lyrics: “So baby tell me now, What it do, What does it feel to have a real one”, Mike lets the listener know of his intentions with the person he is after and lets us know that he does not want anyone else but them. Mike’s lyrical phrasing consists of mostly triplets and rests which provides a balance of flow throughout the track. The triplets sit perfectly with the beat and the rests provide space for the listener especially in the chorus.The subtle effects of the delay and reverb in the vocals provides an added layer to Mike’s rapping and completes an already solid track.The simplicity in the instrumentation is reflected in the simple but powerful lyrics of what Mike wishes to prove about himself for the person he is pursuing.

Mix & Mastered by Luka Janicijevic (

Words by Byron Zeledon-Torres

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