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Melbourne up-and-comer Deuc3s drops heartfelt second single ‘Trap Song’

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Melbourne’s Deuc3s has offered an exciting insight of what’s to come with his second single ‘Trap Song’, a track which details the young artist’s ambitions for himself and those closest to him. This track has me reminiscing on memories with those I cherish the most. I’m grateful for all of the stories and memories that we have made together, and am eager for the future.

Deuc3s’ latest single, ‘Trap Song’, is the perfect mixture of a killer hook, fantastic vocals and a timeless message. The young artist has expertly crafted a song that is not only harmonious, but one that has a deeper sense of meaning as he relays his ultimate goals within his overarching pursuit of music. Deuc3s speaks on his desire to support his family and those who believed in him from the beginning, as well as proving his doubters wrong whilst expressing his love for that special someone.

What truly allows for this song to flourish is the smooth and emotional flow from Deuc3s, and from there, what further enhances the track is the production. We hear from the outset of the track a gentle yet exquisite play of an electric guitar accompanied by a smooth beat that is expertly suited to the emotional rollercoaster that Deuc3s has reflected on throughout the song. An exciting follow-up to August release ‘Circle Back’.

Words by Joachim Subramaniam

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