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Melbourne’s Soli captivates with debut solo single ‘Love Me’

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

With her first solo single release, Melbourne artist Soli has debuted with a smooth R&B track entitled ‘Love Me’. The song sees Soli imparting her learnings from past relationships whilst unravelling a range of emotions and feelings surrounding the significance of self-love and self-empowerment. Undeniably, Soli makes ‘Love Me’ her own distinct track by opening up and becoming deeply vulnerable on what is truly an impressive debut. Before you can begin to love others, it is imperative that you first learn to love yourself.

Soli’s vocals are the definitive crux of ‘Love Me’, a song which features heartbreaking expressions of still-lingering pain from the past. Her transcendental vocal performance acts as the perfect medium for the song to be built upon as she showcases her exquisite range and captivating lyricism that has you hooked from the first note. The song depicts Soli in a state of personal turmoil as she struggles with themes of self-doubt, insecurity and unworthiness; feelings that are amplified by external perceptions and a disheartening relationship with a significant other. Soli’s own powerful refusal to become fully entrenched in these anxieties is personified through the lyrics: “But I can’t help that I see me in a way you don’t see me”, as she admits that she can’t truly love someone else and give her all to them, if she can’t love herself first.

It’s this hard truth and coming to terms with reality that is depicted throughout the song that truly allows the listener to be emotionally connected to Soli as they feel the pain and agony that she is going through. The production on this track is an additional standout with the perfect balance of a smooth R&B beat, coupled with some eclectic drums and dark synth keys, creating an aura that is both provocative and allows Soli to relay all of her emotions on the track. The back end of the song features the use of a violin. Almost simple in its addition, its inclusion adds to that complex nature of experiencing a range of emotions as it emulates the emotional state of Soli, from upbeat and somewhat euphoric to a melancholic feel as Soli’s vocals slowly fade out to end the song. In doing so it shows that this journey to self-worth that Soli is on has had its ups and downs. However, the ultimate message is that once you can accept yourself for who you truly are the world is your oyster, and you will be able to develop more meaningful relationships in your life.

Production by @officialiconicbeats_ and @cajili

Words by Joachim Subramaniam

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